Friday, January 7, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself

Mama needed a way to share her beautiful boys' wild stories, rub in how gloriously domestic she is (insert *snort* here) and vent her frustrations, (her psychiatrist highly recommended venting or being committed [and I don't mean to her husband either]).

So where does a mama go when she needs to blow off steam? If you said 'the kitchen' deduct 10 points & give yourself a slap! (Granted I do love to cook & bake but seriously... don't 'send me to do my wifely duties' when I'm about to lose it all over the place). Where was I? (Do you see where 'A Muddled Mama' may have come from?) Oh yes, where does a mama go when she needs to blow off steam? Well to the blogsphere of course! (Side note 'blogsphere' or 'blogosphere'? I'm not quite sure which one is more correct... but 'blogsphere' it is, I have decreed it to be so.)

I am the proud mama to two wild & crazy boys (well actually I only know that one of my boys is wild and crazy, the other is a little young to be putting such labels on him but I'm sure that he'll be as crazy [if not more so - have mercy on me] as his older brother).  I love to putter in the kitchen and generally have a high success rate (but look out for the fails, they're epic... my mama always used to say "go big or go home" [okay my mama didn't used to say that but it sounds better that way, so deal]).  I have an affinity for parentheses (I'm sure you hadn't noticed).  My humour is a bit off and I have a strange obsession with how "crunchy" I am (for the record, I'd label myself as soggy oatmeal.  I try to be crunchy [breastfeed, babywearing, extended rear facing... etc] but feel that I fall short of true crunchification).  

If you've made it this far, I'm sure we'll get along famously.

Hang on to the edge of your seats... my next post is going to include a fail in the kitchen (pictures shall be included so that you can thoroughly mock me)

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