Monday, January 24, 2011

Blessing & A Curse

Teeny Terror has had a 'words explosion' in the past 3-4mos... that's not to say that he's been any sort of 'strong silent type'... noooo, he's always been chatteriffic (and I haven't a clue where he would have gotten that from... nope, not a clue).

But now, now he's positively a non-stop-chatting-machine!  I don't know if a switch was flipped, or what.  But goodness gracious does he ever have a lot to say.

Within the last week or so TT has started on real sentences... "What doing *pause* mom?".  I might hear that phrase 50 times a day.  Most of the time it's cute but other times... it's enough to send me to a padded room with the round-and-round-the-crazy-go-roundedness of it
TT:  "What doing *pause* mom?"
Me:  "I'm washing dishing TT"
TT:  "Why doing *pause* mom?"
Me:  "Because they are dirty and they need to be washed."
TT:  "What doing *pause* mom?"
Me:  "Sweetie, mommy is washing dishes... so that we have clean dishes to eat of off"  (A preemptive explanation... I'm one smart mama)
TT:  "Why doing *pause* mom?"  (Okay, apparently not as smart as I thought)
Me:  "Sweetie... go ask your dad what he's doing"  (Oh yes, I.AM.BRILLIANT!)
Off TT scampers to ask dear old dad what he's doing...

On the one hand it is a blessing, it totally makes me do the happy dance (because my toddler is the only toddler in the history of toddlers to speak in broken sentences.  Ever), it's a new chapter in our lives.  We'll spend less time (hopefully) wondering what Teeny Tyrant wants. 

On the other hand it is a curse because it also means that instances such as above are a daily (hourly?) occurrence.  There isn't an off button.  You can't have TT be cute & adorable on a whim... he's a chatting machine pretty much 24/7 and as such (even though it really is cute... that pause that TT inserts [as if he's trying to remember which parent he is speaking to] is heart warmingly sweet), sometimes it can drive you batshit crazy.  Like when you're nursing C-McC (Clingy-McClingster) down for a nap for the nth time in an afternoon then it makes you want to scream in frustration. 

Of course, C-McC chooses that point to coo and babble in that particularly adorable way that babies do... and your heart.  Well it melts just a little bit more (and you start hyperventilating because you don't remember TT chatting that much, this early... I may have two chatters on my hands... )


  1. Ohh, I have so much to look forward to! :)

  2. Let me clarify this... it isn't an daily or even an hourly occurrence... its a 5 freaking times in a minute occurrence.

    "Wat doing Mom" (I don't even get called Mommy anymore... its all Mom)
    "But what doing Mom?"
    Or my favorite of this weekend "MY GOD what doing Mom!!!"

    Isn't it fun?!!

  3. Oh Anne... it is glorious. It really is. Especially the first time you hear it. The nth-millionth time you hear it, not quite so glorious. But it is interesting to see the way they string together their thoughts... in our household we often hear "Where IS you??????" followed by "There you IS!"

    Nel... that is hilarious "MY GOD what doing Mom!" I get mom, mama... and occasionally still mommy... I actually get mama a lot, particularly after "thank you". :o)