Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The dreaded "Mommy Brain"

Does it ever end?
May or may not be an accurate depiction of "Mommy Brain"

You would think with this being round two that I would be used to the intelligence-reducing-mind-numbing mommy brain.  So not.

It is frustrating to start a sentence and stop cold in your tracks because you haven't a frickin' clue where you were going (or where you were coming from for that matter).  You get that wild-eyed-easily-spooked look... your mind (what is left of it) starts racing "where was I?  where was I?  where was I?".  You hope your fellow conversationalist doesn't realize just how lost you are but you know that they know (because you stopped mid-sentence).

I have had many a shopping trip end with me emptying the bags of assorted goods and realizing that the one thing I specifically went to town to get, did not make it home with me!  Waaaaaawt?!?

I would like to say that I have found a solution to the dreaded mommy brain, but I have not.  Lists do not work for me (I forget them at home or simply forget to check everything off of them as I go).  I try to be as prepared as possible and organize stuff ahead of time but I am Queen Procrastinator... so I plan to plan ahead and then I procrastinate on planning ahead.  Thus leaving me in a pickle of not being ready (or having forgotten what I was supposed to be ready for).

Today, I found myself in the kitchen... three times blankly staring around wondering... how I got there, why I was there and what I was doing.  I still don't know what I wanted to get done... I'm assuming that it must not have been that important.  

Edited to add the fun game of "Things I've Forgotten In The Last Month" (it's a hummmmdinger!)
*  To pick up potatoes for our homemade chips (for a New Years gathering... one of the very reasons I went

*  To wash my hair

*  To rinse my washed hair

*  To eat breakfast

*  Just now I forgot where I put the flyers that S brought in.  I hand them and *poof* they disappeared

*  I frequently put things and promptly forget where my is


  1. Found your blog through a friend on Facebook -
    All I can say is - preach it!
    This is so me. All.the.time.
    I've totally stood in the shower thinking "wait? did I just shampoo or condition my hair? or did I just wash it out? did I even wash body?"
    And YES a million times to forgetting where the safe place is.
    I think it got worse for me 2nd time around. I would like my pre-preg brain back, but I doubt that's going to happen any time soon. :)

  2. Wow - I can't believe I missed this!
    Thank you so much.
    It is insane what mama-hood does to the brain.
    The hubs and I joke that my safe place is another dimension only accessible by Dr. Who ;)