Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Excuse me, but did you know you have a baby strapped to you?

The other day I was trying to convince S that I needed another carrier... preferably something made with/out of Gaia (a Girasol Wrap ).  Now there are a couple reasons for me coveting said wrap (and not all of them have to do with my new addiction and my insane lunacy).  1)  N calls my mom Gaia, so isn't it just completely appropriate to have a carrier by the name that my sons use for their grandma?  2)  I've wanted a Gira rainbow (of some sort) for quite sometime, a lot of them are super girlie though, Gaia is not (as you can see above... it's fairly neutral colours).

I know what those of you not bitten with the wearing bug are thinking "How many carriers does one person need" (well, how many shoes does one person need... take that!)

For the record I'm not that stashified (trust me, I know people with stashes that make mine look redundant [one being one whom I shall refer to as my Wrap Goddess Friend or WGF for short]):
From left to right:
Natural Mother Productions Mei Tai (Yoga Monkeys, custom), SBP Ring Sling (brown linen, custom), Néobulle Wrap (Simon 5.2m), Medley Wrap (Rio 5m) & rolz&Sassy Ring Sling (Oh and the totally awesome chair [but in PINK] came from - wicked awesome!)

Now, to some this may seem like a lot. Why on earth do I need two rings slings and two woven wraps?  Well, (back to the shoes), why does one need more then one pair of shoes?  It's nice to have different lengths (hello kitten heel versus stiletto).  It's nice to have a carrier that is dressier (sneakers versus pumps).  And it's just nice to have an array of fabrics and colours (seriously, they're like Pringles... once you pop you can't stop!)

I don't think I've gotten S convinced that I need just one more... but if he needs any ideas for a birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary present... *ahem, wink, wink*

Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking 'What in tarnation!  She straps her kids to her... what a hippie!!', actually... it is for my sanity.  O is a Clingy-McClingster... he likes to be held.  Now I could lay him down and make him 'suck it up' and deal with it (which would result in massive amounts of screaming, which would in turn result in massive amounts of gas, which would result in massive amounts of screaming... I'm sure you get my point).  I also have a wild, active and inquisitive 2.5 year old... so it's nice to be able to attend to the Clingster's needs AND colour, play, etc with my other Teeny Tyrant. 

I will say that I get a certain kick out of confusing the hell out of people when we're in public... most people are quite receptive, 'Oh he certainly looks snuggly... ', but occasionally I hear super original bits like 'woah, did you know you have a third boob?' (that's right ladies & gentlebeans... I am tri-boobed, thanks for publicly pointing it out!) or 'uhhhh, is that a baby?' (nope, it's a doll... I like to bring my dolls everywhere with me... because I'm just crazy like that).

Side note  -  I hope everyone finds this posting as ridiculously awesome as I am as I think it is because it took me THREE freakin' days to get done!  That's what happens when you have a Tyrant & a Clingster... particularly when they're not feeling well.  So, yes... enjoy it (the post) or else...

I can totally talk about babywearing & carriers until the cows come home, so feel free to comment on this and keep the carrier chatter going (or check out TBW).


  1. Thanks for posting this! I think more women would love baby wearing if they gave it a go. My collection is pretty meager compared to yours...just a wrap and a ring sling.
    Although, you've reminded me that I have a pair of rings that need a I guess I'll have three! :)

  2. Or you could get yourself a shorty woven wrap and use your rings in a non-sewn sling as well as wearing the wrap rebozo, a tied sling carry, ruck? I know there are a bunch of shorty carries, I just am not at that stage... I prefer multi-layered carries with the wee Clingster.

  3. Ha ha I like Sunny's response...

    Hey Krysie :) which wraps do you have? my friend suggested the mama kangaroo (not even attempting to spell it correctly). Have you tried that one? what would you recommend?

  4. Oh Sunny. You. Are. A.DOR.A.BLE.

    Nel, I have Medley (Rio is the colour/weave [the orange wrap]) woven wrap. It is 5m long and is a Czech wrap. I also have a Néobulle (Simon is the colour/weave [the brown/blue wrap]) woven wrap. It is 5.2m long, I believe it is a French wrap (France French, not Quebec).

    Out of the two that I have, I prefer my Néobulle it is softer, and yet I find it is more supportive. It is "slippery" enough that wrapping in multi-layer carries is easy. It is brand spanking new & I find that it is more moldable (so how it wraps around me & O) then Medley. As for Maman Kangourou, I don't have any personal experience. They have a mei tai/stretchy wrap hybrid, a couple stretchy wrap styles & a pouch. Stretchy wraps are supposed to be wonderful for the newborn stage (soft, snuggly and a close snug wrap) but as babe grows they may become less supportive because of the slight stretch. If you think you might want more then one wrap, then go for it (although if you could borrow your friend's wrap that'd be the best) and then look at a woven for when babe is bigger... does that help?

  5. Oh I forgot to mention... out of the woven wraps I've tried I would rate them as follows:
    1) Girasol (I tried Toucan [with a lot of the wovens... support, softness, etc depends on the particular weave & colourway, even within a company]). Toucan was thick, super soft & cushy and even though I was wrapping WAAAAAY in to the tails, very comfortable (it also measured short)
    2) Néobulle - I love Simon. He's thin (but I got extra long for multi-layer wraps, so that's okay), very soft and smooth and cuddly,
    3) Didymos - I can't remember the colourway that I tried (hopefully my WGF will pipe up), it was nice... dense (if that makes sense) super floppy (very well broken in)
    4) Medley - Not as soft as the above. It is supportive but not as comfy as Simon...

  6. seriously the 5th time I've written this...

    two things- there is never a wrong time for stilettos, and (assuming, and we all know what happens when you assume, that I may or may not be WGF) As a person hired by a company to sell a product, its nice to have some knowledge of compairable products to have some reference points when customers come to you asking specifics, pros/cons, doller vs value. What is not so nice is my packrat inability to purge said compairables once the compairing is done. I'm just saying!

    and Didy was Tobis, I've also tried a Jaquard both were on the thik side, but I prefer to tie into the tails....
    you also handled a well loved Griasol.... whom is my go-to for rucks <3 super thin, but super comfy

  7. Well I may just go for something stretchy like the mobi wrap to try out for the first time. If this kid is anything like Owen he will not appreciate being enclosed. Owen was not and still is not a overly cuddly child. I think Owen is going to be the class clown instead of the avid quiet cuddly reader LOL.

    I think I will get the best of both worlds with the mobi for now because its fairly inexpensive and yet you can choose between stretchy and woven if you want. If this new kid likes being wrapped well then the world of possibilities shall open!!


    ps I can't borrow my friends wrap as she lives all the way in Burlington and I don't think she will part with it just for me to test it out.

  8. Meghan - 1) your surmised correctly, who the hell else would be my WGF? 2) I shall remain mum regarding my opinions on stilettos, but that is only because I am incredibly envious of those with the ability to walk in said stilettos) And you are correct, I definitely forgot your floppy Gira (goodness gracious that sounds raunchy ;o) )

    Carrie - if you wanna borrow Rio, I'm willing to ship that out west (Simon, not so much). Just FB me your snail mail address :o)