Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... Can I?

Should I attempt this bad boy?
I found this hat pattern on Etsy and I'm seriously thinking, "can I... really?"  Allow me to preface this by saying, I have never crocheted anything.  Ever.  But InnerHooker 's (side note: Yes, that is indeed the shop name... I think that is wicked-awesome!), anywho... it certainly looks like an adorable hat.  So, I may just have to pick myself up some crochet hooks and start practicing.  Stay tuned (and don't worry, if it's a dismal failure, I'll be sure to include pictures and a lovely story that you can laugh your arses off at me... what are virtual friends for, eh?)

Any tips to get my learning on?


  1. Yay Chris!!! That hat is so cute, and I'm very proud of your desire to start your very own obsession with yarn! Crocheting is a little easier than knitting, but with both, it's best to start off slow. There are lots of great tutorials on youtube that can help you get going and learn the lingo. My advice is to buy a skein of yarn and make dish cloths until you get the hang of it.
    If you need any help, just ask!

  2. I think we should start a stich-n-bitch-Kincardine club! I've knitted my fair share of scarves and even almost finished a baby blanket for Sloan (yes, I started it before she was even conceived, and yes, she is 13 months old and it's not done...but it is for her), but i've never attempted anything other than a square or rectangle shape! I've heard crocheting is easier, but it doesn't look that way from anything I've seen!

  3. The art of crochet by teresa... she posts her videos on you tube and uses the blog to write out the instructions!

    Have fun! I love crocheting!

  4. Is it wrong that referring to myself as a 'hooker' is a compelling reason to learn to crochet?
    Anne - I'll definitely start small, this hat is too-freakin'-cute to ruin as a first (second, third, ninetieth) attempt.
    Joelene - I completely agree a local stitch-n-bitch is just what we need (think we could convince our LLL that we should hook during meetings?)
    Nelladel - thanks, I will definitely check her out :o)

  5. Ladies, where do you stock up on your yarn crafting materials? Keep in mind, I have nothing & need to start from scratch.