Friday, January 7, 2011

Two posts, One Day?

I was informed by my daaaah-ling spouse that an introduction does not a post make.  Apparently, according to said spouse, one must actually post something of importance.

What could be more important than my aforementioned humiliation?  So, without further adieu, enjoy what I will refer to as "The Spreading Shortbread Tragedy".

It started out good... a pound of butter, some sugar & flour and some smashed bits of Skor, how could this go wrong?
Mmmmm... Skor shortbread in the making (the batter tasted delicious... errrrr... I mean looked delicious)
Mr. O all tuckered out after diligently helping me bake.  (Yes, I am fully aware of the photo-fuzz-factor, taking a flash-free, side-shot of your itty-bitty is surprisingly difficult)

what-the-frickin-frack-happened?  Was it the well-timed header that Big Boy N took off of his chair onto my hardwood floor as I was rolling out the dough?  Or the wails from Mr. O?  Hmmmmmmmmm

Take two... I had high hopes, they look so frickin''ll work, right?

Apparently not. 

I am totally blaming this abject failure on the Skor, it couldn't have been me!  In all seriousness, I used this recipe before Christmas, all I did was substitute the Toblerone for Skor.

So, that's it... I've thrown in the towel.  If you happen to have a Skor shortbread recipe that works, feel free to add to my shame & share it.

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