Saturday, January 15, 2011

What did I get myself into?

There is an event going around on Facebook - "Pay It Forward 2011".  The rules are pretty simple, you're to post to your status that you are participating in the 2011 Pay it Forward... the first 5 people that respond to your status update are guaranteed a personal, handmade something from you.  The catch?  They then have to turn around and post their own "Pay It Forward 2011" to their status update.  I know some pretty awesome people and the ones who replied, well let's just say... I'd better bring my A game!  Which brings me to "What did I get myself into?", I hope this will help me with one of my resolutions (which is to be more crafty/from-scratch... ).  I have five people waiting for some awesomeness from me... I will be sure to share my creations (after they've been received by their respective people, of course!)

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