Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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You know when you make something that isn't a part of your daily menu... something that is a little more time consuming but

Well, that was me today...

Normally, I'm not a very big breakfast person... I do not have the patience required to create the perfect omelette (I tend to crank the heat in hopes that it will cook faster... and thus my omelette's become scrambled eggs) and I don't know if you've noticed but breakfast is really messy (spattered bacon grease, toast crumbs, egg goo... [well, you get my point]).

We had a hankering for cinnamon french toast, berries and I whipped up some whip cream (I'll allow you a moment to savour my awesomeness... "whipped up some whip cream"... hee hee).  I even warmed up the maple syrup. 

It looked good and tasted good too (not so much on the "good for you" scale though).  The hubs lovingly placed TT's portion in front of him.  And he promptly pushed it away.  "No, siddick [sandwich] peez [please]" (at least he's polite, even whilst displaying his contempt for my mad culinary skillz). 

There was no way in hell I was throwing that delicious portion out, but the hubs & I didn't have room for it either... in a burst of inspiration, I decided to make his french toast a sandwich. 


TT gobbled it up like a dog on a cat flavoured biscuit...

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