Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Muddled Moment

The hubs is home today (he "get's" to work the weekend, yay!) so he's having a "boys day" with TT... which means C-McC gets my undivided attention.  I had errands to run in town, so I gathered my shit things, got C-McC diaper bag restocked and we were ready to go.


In true C-McC fashion, he needed a (or is it "to"?) nosh & top up before we headed out the door (because one day I might take him backpacking through the mountains and he needs to have enough stamina  So, I fill'er up... pack him in his car seat and our various accoutrements into the car and.away.we.go!

First stop, my workplace to gather supplies for a mini project.  Drugstore for C-McC diapers and lastly Tim's (to get coffee... what else?)  Pop by the park to check on my big boys (and deliver their coffee), see they're enjoying their date so homeward bound I go.

So, I get the car unpacked and C-McC is ravenous (all that driving ya know)... so we plop down to nurse.

And.  What.  Do.  I.  Realize?

My one boob was "undone" the.whole.time.!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cycle of A Muddled Mama's Day

Yes, I took a picture of my shampoo bottle.
Slightly more difficult than I had anticipated - this was shot #5

Do you ever feel like your life is stuck in a 'shampoo cycle'?  You know lather, rinse, repeat? 

Okay, what I'm getting at... sometimes being a mama can seem monotonous (or is that just me?). 

I love TT & C-McC (to the freakin' moon & back) but some days I could trade them in for 10lbs of dark (70% cocoa +) chocolate (hey a girl has standards!)

A Day In The Life Of:  A Muddled Mama
I find one of the worst things about maternity leave is that I get into a funk... it takes a lot to pry Mrs Hermit out of the house (that would be me) and the days start blending in to one another... I don't know why I get that way, because when I do venture out into the wild blue yonder (like to La Leche League) I have a wicked awesome time.  So then I tell myself that I will get out more and be more active but my days just end up looking the same. 

You know lather, rinse & repeat or in this household's case:  'Aake up mom!'... the hubs heads off to the adult company of his co-workers... TT & C-McC decide to simultaneously lose their minds.  TT realizes that mama is barely hanging on to her sanity (the rotating head is an excellent indication of that) so he professes his love (and thusly melts my heart).  Bio-hazardous diaper changes abound (if it weren't for the fact that I know what they are eating, I would definitely wonder what the heck... ).  The hubs comes home and TT get's some much needed one-on-one time... supper is made (sometimes supper is rejected because TT is just at that age) and to the bedtime routine starts. 

I'd say that's a fairly accurate representation of my Mama-hood... but now that spring is upon us... help me kick this hermit-y butt out.of.the house! 

Ideas are definitely welcome (but... uhhh... keep in mind... this mama is rural... we don't have any of those fancy sidewalks out here... ).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now I Eat Humble Pie

As a mama, do you ever find yourself wistfully remembering your life P-K (that's Pre-Kids, yo)?

And when you do, do you ever shake your head and think what an asshat you were?  (No?  Me, neither)

So, without further adieu, some sh*t I thought before children...

My child will never sleep with me, ever (you know they won't leave your bed if you let them in...)
I fought this one for a long time with TT (like 6mos).  He  No way.  No how.  And then one night when it was between bringing him to bed or attaching him to the dog (my go-to-non-human-child-wrangler).  I choose bed.  And we slept.  Like most of the night.  Honest!  With C-McC I said "eff that" and he joined me in bed right.away.  And you know what - TT sleeps in his own bed now... when he was ready to transition to a 'big boy bed' it.was.a.breeze!
It has been my experience that the term "co-sleeping" can be very polarizing... you either do it (and swear by it) or don't do it (and couldn't fathom why you would want to do it).  It has also been my experience that most people believe "co-sleeping" means baby in bed with you, this isn't true (in fact some parents who say they don't get it actually "co-sleep").  Co-sleeping is having your babe room-in with you.  Be it in a side-sleeper, a bassinet, a pack & play or in their crib.  If they are, they are co-sleeping.  If they are in.your.bed, they are bed-sharing.  This is what we practice (and is what works for us), although now that C-McC is getting bigger we're tossing around the idea of sidecarring his crib.

As soon as he's old enough to let me know he wants to nurse, he's off the boob.  *sighs*  I was an seriously.  If I were to stop nursing the.exact.moment. my boys let me know that they wanted to nurse... I would have never nursed (you know when they start rooting... and looking for a nipple *gasp* they're instinctively indicating that they want nourishment).
I'll be honest, I didn't really want to nurse TT.  I thought it was weird.  I thought it would be too difficult.  Basically, I created a lot of obstacles.  When we left the hospital with TT he had lost more then 10% of his birth weight... I told the hubs that if had not gained at.least.some of that weight back by our 48hr appointment that we were getting bottles and this baby was getting formula.  I didn't need to be worried.  He thrived on breast milk!  Now, that isn't to say that there weren't issues & difficulties.  TT & I both being nursing virgins, didn't have a clue how to get the show on the road (whodda thunk figuring out a nipple would be such a difficult task), we had issues with thrush from about 2.5mos onwards... but honestly, I wouldn't change it for the world.  He nursed until 14mos, the hubs contracted H1N1 and TT was healthy as a horse (not even a sniffled), I'm totally taking credit for that (even it's only circumstantial evidence... he was nursing... and didn't get sick... that's enough for me).
C-McC nursed like a champ... I had a little experience up my sleeve and he was a natural.  I decided this time around to join La Leche League - now I know what you're thinking I thought "they're militant lactivists who will force you to nurse or treat you with contempt and derision if you don't", well they're not.  That was a wacked-out-preconceived notion that I had adopted (I don't know why... it was stupid of me to think that).  They're freakin' awesome!  I love my group they are so supportive.  It is nice to sit down with mom's who are experiencing the same things as you (i.e. a "chewer"... and how to deal with it).  Don't get me wrong, I love my non-nursing friends & I totally go to them for advice all.the.time... but when you have an issue with a baby thinking your nipple is a straw which they can pull every which way, you tend to get more relevant answers when you're asking mom's who have been there.

Wear your child?  Nuh-uh that baby needs to learn some independence!  I told you, I was an idiot and you would think that I had never been around a child before (I had... a lot... in fact I babysat some and now that I really think about it... I spent a lot of time holding them... hmmmmm ).  I am an avid babywearer.  I have a wee collection of carriers (which I may or may not have added to since I posted my "stash" photo).  Babywearing makes my life easier.  Just the other day C-McC had a doctor's appointment (our doctor is notoriously tardy... good doctor you just have to wait until the second coming for him to get to your appointment), so the first thing we do is measurements... which means he has to be stripped down.  And of course they don't really want you dressing him all up again, because the doctor is going to be in soon (yes... soon).  So, I'd brought along Snicker and after he was weighed, measured and found not wanting... I popped him up for a great big nursing session (because being weighed & measured makes for one hungry baby) and wouldn't you know it... he passed right out.  That meant I got to spend the remainder of my 2hrs of waiting (yes... waiting) reading. 
Carriers have made my life easier... it means I can get crap done around the house (if I so choose), it means I can play with TT, it means I can run in to the grocery store and not lug that damn heavy infant seat (which while it is a necessary evil... because they NEED to be in a car seat... it is HEAVY).

It is funny how many opinions we have regarding parenting prior to having children of our own.  I know I may have (snarkily) thought I'd be doing things differently then so-and-so... but I'm an idiot for being so judgey.  So, those of you who are P-K and reading this... just remember, you may think you know everything about parenting... but wait until you have a child of your own (just saying!)

Feel free to share your P-K faux pas

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Muddled Weekend

The hubs had to work this weekend.  So it was just me & the kidlets... what on earth is a girl (and two wild boys) to do?

Why make crayons, of course!

These are not psychedelic Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...

Try to unsuccessfully take picture of said wild child

TT is too fast for me!

And create some culinary deliciousness in the kitchen

Please note - I did not use the crayon cupcake tin to make the Cheddar muffins... just so ya know
Cheddar muffin recipe found here with a few tweaks (because I can't 100% follow a recipe... that's just wrong).
I used 2.5 C of cheese (not 3), I added diced garlic, salt & pepper, parsley, chives and an extra egg.  I substituted 1/2C of all purpose flour for whole wheat.  But other then that, I followed the recipe.

Muddling through a weekend can create unexpected fun

Body Language

The following post has been inspired by some wonderful lady friends of mine.

Please be forewarned... the discussion at hand contains the word "vagina"

This is the quote that started it all:

"This is the same woman who was shocked that my wee ladies both say 'vulva' and 'vagina' - I am sure the woman has never looked at her own cooter

It got me thinking... vagina is an awkward word.  I have one (obviously) and I still find myself tripping over it.  I catch myself saying silly words to indicate my nether regions (there I go again... vagina... to indicate my vagina).  Don't you find yourself stammering (and possibly blushing... just a little bit?), especially in mixed company?  It ends up being vagine (which reminds me of a tagine/tajine and really... I don't want my vagina mixed up with a North African dish) or hoo-haw... va-jay-jay or lady bits or cooter *snicker*.

Why are frank discussions about body parts (using anatomically correct language) difficult?  Why do we get all flustered like a pre-pubescent boy?  What makes us so uncomfortable?  Is this a generational or cultural "issue"?

I wouldn't consider myself a prude (not by any stretch of the imagination).  I've definitely had conversations (in mixed company) that others might consider inappropriate... so why do I stumble over that word?

I know the hubs and I are actively reminding ourselves to refer to our boys' body parts as their actual name.  Being boys, their penis' (penises?  penii?) they both have a penis and they both have testicles.  As such, we refer to said parts by "penis" and "testicles" (sidenote: it is ridiculously hilarious to watch a 2.5year old try to enunciate "testicles"... oh yes, I am going to mommy hell).

Just some food for thought as we all muddle our way through motherhood parenthood.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Muddled Post

We've been sick.  Sick like dogs (okay not even... more like bags of dirty, dirty monkey ass).  So, coming up with anything that included one iota of wit, well that's just not going to happen.

Pancake Tuesday was this past week... at the suggestion of pancakes for supper I was met with a look of derision from the hubs.  Having gotten a less then stellar sleep the night before I unilaterally decided that we were having pancakes... but because I didn't want to listen to the hubs bitch & moan I love the hubs so much, I decided I was going to attempt Dosas (an Indian 'pancake' that I've eaten once, never attempted to make & later found that I didn't have the 'right' flour for... so I free-styled)

The dangers of free-styling dosas...

Luckily for us, the rest of the meal did not have to be eaten off of the floor.  And while *my* dosas weren't *authentic*, they were deee-licious!

One of my bestest of the best, best, BESTEST friend's is celebrating her daughter's third birthday soon... so, I broke out my sewing machine (bday prezzie from the hubs), dusted off my mad skills (I haven't sewn since 'Fashion Design' in high school a couple years ago).

Said present is being delivered this weekend... but here is a sneak peek:

Isn't the fabric gorgeous?  Oh and I had to edit because & don't know how to spell 'peek'.  Yay!

My last teaser... that's all you're going to get until the birthday girl gets her hands on it!

I'm pretty pleased with the job I did... I hope the birthday girl loves it too!

So, that's what I've been up to (besides wiping snotty noses and all my normal mommy stuff, of course)

I'm working on a post about what a turd I was Pre-Kids... I think it'll be awesome, so hold on to your seats *wink wink*


Okay, so birthday girl received her present and I'm pretty sure that she liked it... I'm pretty proud of myself!  I used TT's t-shirt as a pattern and may have made him try the bodice on.  Once (that's all he would let me).  So, I'm glad it fits because someone (ahem, TT) wouldn't let me try it on again...

Here it is:
Apparently, sassy-one-shouldered dresses are
all.the.rage for little girls this season!
Who knew I could be so on trend?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chef Michael Smith's Molten Chocolate Cakes

Okay, let me premise this by saying 'holy cow dee-lish'!  Seriously, they are wickedly awesome... (not one iota healthy but wickedly awesome).

I have The Best of Chef at Home but if you don't (and if you don't, I seriously threaten urge you to get it... ) you can find the Molten Chocolate Cake recipe on Chef Michael Smith's website.

Now, I'm not the best at following directions (hence my love for CMS, he definitely urges the home 'chef' to use recipes for inspiration... not as something written in stone), so I used 8oz bittersweet chocolate + 6oz dark (70% cocoa) chocolate.  I basically one and a halved the recipe... but other then that, I followed the (scouts honour)

14oz of chocolate...!  

Starting to melt!  Yum, yum, yummmmm!

I think I might be in heaven... don't you wanna take a dip in it?  No... oh that must just be me!

Last picture before they were devoured...

We couldn't wait to get another picture when they were done.  But trust me, they were good!  I served them hot with a side of French Vanilla ice cream (or you could add some homemade whipped cream, equally yummy) but whatever you do... do make these.  They are awesome!

We had our paired with (for supper) Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Mignon, Garlic Steamed Romanesco Veggies (I didn't have a head of broccoli... so I just used the Europe's Best mixed vegetables) & Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Enjoy!  We did *wink wink*

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Mama Doesn't "Do" Sick

Yup, that's me (the dying part... not the finger nail)
You know all those stereotypes you hear about men & being sick?  Come on, you know what I'm talking about... they're whiny, melodramatic, convinced they are on their death bed (when all they have is a simple cold). 



That's me.

The moment I get sick, I become a man (figuratively... not literally).  I whine, bitch, moan and complain.  I snuffle and groan about how hot/cold/sore/tired/achy I am.  I look at TT & C-McC and wonder if 'the dog' is an acceptable alternative to childcare. 

For some reason TT & C-McC don't realize that mama is sick (and therefore do not act accordingly [doing so would mean that they both slept until 10am and then went down for a nap at 1pm and slept for 3hrs, got up for supper and then went back to blissful bed until 10am the next morning] )

You would think this was my first time being sick whilst having a child (or two) underfoot... because my expectations are completely.unreasonable (my dad used to say that you don't ask for what you *think* you can get but for what you *want* to get).  Well, I wanted sleep.  And lots of it.  As it would happen, I didn't get sleep... whodda thunk, eh?  I wanted peace & quiet, well I guess I must've forgotten that I was a) A mama (to one rambunctious 2.5y/o and a 6mos old) and b) if I'M sick... chances are my wee lovelies aren't feeling the hottest either! 

What I did get... were snuggles.  Many snuggles.  Some of them included screaming (a lot of screaming) and others included more snot then I care to think of, but they were still snuggles.  Maybe it wasn't the passed-out-in-bed day that I would have liked... but I love my boys & their snuggles are worth more than a couple (20) hours sleep.

I hope one day... when my boys are grown up and are haggardly chasing after munchkins of their own (whilst feeling like a bag of ass) they thank me for not strapping them to the dog and having her entertain them for the afternoon (I wouldn't really do that, would I?)