Sunday, March 20, 2011

Body Language

The following post has been inspired by some wonderful lady friends of mine.

Please be forewarned... the discussion at hand contains the word "vagina"

This is the quote that started it all:

"This is the same woman who was shocked that my wee ladies both say 'vulva' and 'vagina' - I am sure the woman has never looked at her own cooter

It got me thinking... vagina is an awkward word.  I have one (obviously) and I still find myself tripping over it.  I catch myself saying silly words to indicate my nether regions (there I go again... vagina... to indicate my vagina).  Don't you find yourself stammering (and possibly blushing... just a little bit?), especially in mixed company?  It ends up being vagine (which reminds me of a tagine/tajine and really... I don't want my vagina mixed up with a North African dish) or hoo-haw... va-jay-jay or lady bits or cooter *snicker*.

Why are frank discussions about body parts (using anatomically correct language) difficult?  Why do we get all flustered like a pre-pubescent boy?  What makes us so uncomfortable?  Is this a generational or cultural "issue"?

I wouldn't consider myself a prude (not by any stretch of the imagination).  I've definitely had conversations (in mixed company) that others might consider inappropriate... so why do I stumble over that word?

I know the hubs and I are actively reminding ourselves to refer to our boys' body parts as their actual name.  Being boys, their penis' (penises?  penii?) they both have a penis and they both have testicles.  As such, we refer to said parts by "penis" and "testicles" (sidenote: it is ridiculously hilarious to watch a 2.5year old try to enunciate "testicles"... oh yes, I am going to mommy hell).

Just some food for thought as we all muddle our way through motherhood parenthood.

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