Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cycle of A Muddled Mama's Day

Yes, I took a picture of my shampoo bottle.
Slightly more difficult than I had anticipated - this was shot #5

Do you ever feel like your life is stuck in a 'shampoo cycle'?  You know lather, rinse, repeat? 

Okay, what I'm getting at... sometimes being a mama can seem monotonous (or is that just me?). 

I love TT & C-McC (to the freakin' moon & back) but some days I could trade them in for 10lbs of dark (70% cocoa +) chocolate (hey a girl has standards!)

A Day In The Life Of:  A Muddled Mama
I find one of the worst things about maternity leave is that I get into a funk... it takes a lot to pry Mrs Hermit out of the house (that would be me) and the days start blending in to one another... I don't know why I get that way, because when I do venture out into the wild blue yonder (like to La Leche League) I have a wicked awesome time.  So then I tell myself that I will get out more and be more active but my days just end up looking the same. 

You know lather, rinse & repeat or in this household's case:  'Aake up mom!'... the hubs heads off to the adult company of his co-workers... TT & C-McC decide to simultaneously lose their minds.  TT realizes that mama is barely hanging on to her sanity (the rotating head is an excellent indication of that) so he professes his love (and thusly melts my heart).  Bio-hazardous diaper changes abound (if it weren't for the fact that I know what they are eating, I would definitely wonder what the heck... ).  The hubs comes home and TT get's some much needed one-on-one time... supper is made (sometimes supper is rejected because TT is just at that age) and to the bedtime routine starts. 

I'd say that's a fairly accurate representation of my Mama-hood... but now that spring is upon us... help me kick this hermit-y butt out.of.the house! 

Ideas are definitely welcome (but... uhhh... keep in mind... this mama is rural... we don't have any of those fancy sidewalks out here... ).


  1. I can certainly appreciate your compromised sanity! I go nuts if I don't have at least one thing per week to do out of the house that doesn't involve grocery shopping. You always need something to look forward to. I wish I could help on the activities front...I have little experience with entertaining toddlers. If it's spring and it's windy....fly a kite!

  2. With winter recently (fingers crossed) under our belt-I can safely say -I TOTALLY RELATE!!!!! I would not , could not leave the house! My days were endless...except for the occasional trip to the grocery store-which in all honesty, I would wait as long as i could!! The odd time I would get out with a friend & then say"we should sooooo do this ore often"...it hasn't happened since... :s Spring is almost here.....yard work...fresh air...More Vitamin D!!!!!!!

  3. @Anne - TT does a pretty good job of entertaining himself, he just needs a watchful eye. With the snow we *had* and the whole I-don't-live-in-town thing... getting outside was laughable (my yard isn't exactly stroller friendly and I don't typically choose to nurse in a 10' snow drift) Fly a kite you say? I think that would tickle TT pink... thanks!
    @Kennedy - I *loooove* grocery shopping! The whole famn damily goes in the evening (so C-McC typically falls asleep and the hubs tours around with the boys [in the car]). I get blissful silence.