Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Muddled Moment

The hubs is home today (he "get's" to work the weekend, yay!) so he's having a "boys day" with TT... which means C-McC gets my undivided attention.  I had errands to run in town, so I gathered my shit things, got C-McC diaper bag restocked and we were ready to go.


In true C-McC fashion, he needed a (or is it "to"?) nosh & top up before we headed out the door (because one day I might take him backpacking through the mountains and he needs to have enough stamina  So, I fill'er up... pack him in his car seat and our various accoutrements into the car and.away.we.go!

First stop, my workplace to gather supplies for a mini project.  Drugstore for C-McC diapers and lastly Tim's (to get coffee... what else?)  Pop by the park to check on my big boys (and deliver their coffee), see they're enjoying their date so homeward bound I go.

So, I get the car unpacked and C-McC is ravenous (all that driving ya know)... so we plop down to nurse.

And.  What.  Do.  I.  Realize?

My one boob was "undone" the.whole.time.!



  1. A mum at our playgroup had something similar happen to her. PK she could never understand how women could expose themselves and not know it. Four breastfed babies later...she discovered that when you're boobs are constantly in and out all day can easily happen!

    Thanks for an afternoon giggle :)

  2. I wonder if anyone noticed that I was lopsided? **

    Glad to pass on a laugh :o)