Friday, March 11, 2011

A Muddled Post

We've been sick.  Sick like dogs (okay not even... more like bags of dirty, dirty monkey ass).  So, coming up with anything that included one iota of wit, well that's just not going to happen.

Pancake Tuesday was this past week... at the suggestion of pancakes for supper I was met with a look of derision from the hubs.  Having gotten a less then stellar sleep the night before I unilaterally decided that we were having pancakes... but because I didn't want to listen to the hubs bitch & moan I love the hubs so much, I decided I was going to attempt Dosas (an Indian 'pancake' that I've eaten once, never attempted to make & later found that I didn't have the 'right' flour for... so I free-styled)

The dangers of free-styling dosas...

Luckily for us, the rest of the meal did not have to be eaten off of the floor.  And while *my* dosas weren't *authentic*, they were deee-licious!

One of my bestest of the best, best, BESTEST friend's is celebrating her daughter's third birthday soon... so, I broke out my sewing machine (bday prezzie from the hubs), dusted off my mad skills (I haven't sewn since 'Fashion Design' in high school a couple years ago).

Said present is being delivered this weekend... but here is a sneak peek:

Isn't the fabric gorgeous?  Oh and I had to edit because & don't know how to spell 'peek'.  Yay!

My last teaser... that's all you're going to get until the birthday girl gets her hands on it!

I'm pretty pleased with the job I did... I hope the birthday girl loves it too!

So, that's what I've been up to (besides wiping snotty noses and all my normal mommy stuff, of course)

I'm working on a post about what a turd I was Pre-Kids... I think it'll be awesome, so hold on to your seats *wink wink*


Okay, so birthday girl received her present and I'm pretty sure that she liked it... I'm pretty proud of myself!  I used TT's t-shirt as a pattern and may have made him try the bodice on.  Once (that's all he would let me).  So, I'm glad it fits because someone (ahem, TT) wouldn't let me try it on again...

Here it is:
Apparently, sassy-one-shouldered dresses are
all.the.rage for little girls this season!
Who knew I could be so on trend?

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