Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Mama Doesn't "Do" Sick

Yup, that's me (the dying part... not the finger nail)
You know all those stereotypes you hear about men & being sick?  Come on, you know what I'm talking about... they're whiny, melodramatic, convinced they are on their death bed (when all they have is a simple cold). 



That's me.

The moment I get sick, I become a man (figuratively... not literally).  I whine, bitch, moan and complain.  I snuffle and groan about how hot/cold/sore/tired/achy I am.  I look at TT & C-McC and wonder if 'the dog' is an acceptable alternative to childcare. 

For some reason TT & C-McC don't realize that mama is sick (and therefore do not act accordingly [doing so would mean that they both slept until 10am and then went down for a nap at 1pm and slept for 3hrs, got up for supper and then went back to blissful bed until 10am the next morning] )

You would think this was my first time being sick whilst having a child (or two) underfoot... because my expectations are completely.unreasonable (my dad used to say that you don't ask for what you *think* you can get but for what you *want* to get).  Well, I wanted sleep.  And lots of it.  As it would happen, I didn't get sleep... whodda thunk, eh?  I wanted peace & quiet, well I guess I must've forgotten that I was a) A mama (to one rambunctious 2.5y/o and a 6mos old) and b) if I'M sick... chances are my wee lovelies aren't feeling the hottest either! 

What I did get... were snuggles.  Many snuggles.  Some of them included screaming (a lot of screaming) and others included more snot then I care to think of, but they were still snuggles.  Maybe it wasn't the passed-out-in-bed day that I would have liked... but I love my boys & their snuggles are worth more than a couple (20) hours sleep.

I hope one day... when my boys are grown up and are haggardly chasing after munchkins of their own (whilst feeling like a bag of ass) they thank me for not strapping them to the dog and having her entertain them for the afternoon (I wouldn't really do that, would I?)

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