Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is it possible to nest for someone else?

So yesterday I got in a real tizzy to get my blankie finished for n-t-b, like super tizzy... I had this strong urge that

Added ruffles to the green panel and got the ivory minky sewn on (just need to blind stitch the opening closed and remove the gathering stitches from the ruffles).

Took a couple pictures, proudly showed it off to the hubs and sat down to check Facebook... read a message from my sister-in-law that they were!  Yippity, skippity! 

My niece can no longer be referred to as n-t-b, because she arrived in the wee hours of the morning.

I'm over the moon... so excited for mom, dad and big brother... and so happy that the newest addition to our family has arrived safely and so ready for some itty-bitty baby snuggles.

I better hone my sewing skillz... I think I might be able to come up with a few projects for the little miss.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Blankie For My Muddled-Niece-To-Be

So, my niece-to-be (n-t-b) is due to arrive (well... actually, she's scheduled for the 3rd but if she decided to come earlier I don't think anyone would complain).

I've had a little project that I've been thinking of for quite some time and I decided in the past week to get the lead and get it done.  (I'm still not done... but almost... almost... just have to tinker with the tension on my sewing machine before I get the last bit done).

But here's a quick peek... I hope mama, dad and n-t-b enjoy it... it's my first attempt at a blankie *fingers crossed*

n-t-b's bedroom is going to be shades of purple, with a green accent
and the theme is "butterflies"

I'm tempted to add an insert of fabric on top of the marbled green flannel.  *sighs*  We'll see... :o)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This Muddled Mama loves her some caffeine (I know, it comes as a shock being that I've never mentioned this supposed love before... but really, I have two boys 2.5 years old and under... so is it really that big of a shock?)

Now the hubs & I are trying to set a good example for our boys... and lose a little spare tire (or more ** [me... not the hubs]) in the process... so we've been pretty good about cutting out the sweets (and various other over indulgences)... but sometimes, just sometimes I need something decadent.  A little extra oooomph in  my day.  And I always need a coffee (never black... I just.can'

For Christmas I got the hubs a Tassimo, it is ridiculously amazing (I hope you're following me here... and I'd like to point out that I'm posting this after my first coffee of the day, can you imagine how muddled I'd be without it?)  It is fantastic... the beverage of choice in this house is a Crema.  Oh.  Em.  Gee.!

And I've come up with a way to make it better - French Vanilla ice cream!  Oh.Yes.I.Did.It!

I just add a good dollop of ice cream to my coffee on days that I'm feeling a wicked sugar craving.  It's creamy, fluffy and  (You may pause to marvel at my awesomeness)

Deliciousness.  In.A.Cup.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter - The Muddled Way

My unintentional New Year's Resolution was "doing it myself".

I've become decidedly more crafty, I now look at things in stores and ponder whether or not I would be able to do as good of a job (or better) as the in-store product.

So, I decided to take my new found craftiness and make my nephew and niece-to-be, hooded towels for Easter.  I purchased TT & C-McC some awesome hooded towels for Christmas.  They're awesome, I love them.  They.are.used.daily... I looked over them over and thought "I could totally do this" (maybe not quite as nice and definitely without the embroidery... but

My nephew's John Deere hooded towel

My niece-to-be's Pink Piggie hooded towel

** I have had a wonderful friend request a tutorial... but because I'm not real good at following one of those fancy-pancy patterns, I tend to... uhhhhhh... muddle my way through sewing un-patterned.  I have one more hooded towel to make for a special someone.  So I promise I'll take snaps throughout my muddled process and get a tutorial done (A Muddled Mama Way) **

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Muddled Mama's Guide To Babywearing

Monday this Muddled Mama (and her brood) went to a LLLC enrichment meeting, the topic of discussion?  Babywearing... The following is my hand-out to the mama's (some old hands at this babywearing bid.ness and others were total [eager] noobs)
Babywearing Basics
With the recalls (regarding 'bag slings') in 2010, many people are wondering if babywearing is safe. The answer to that is an emphatic yes... if you do so with care, consideration and with safety in mind!
  1. Use your noodle – if you wouldn't do it while holding your baby then don't do it while wearing your baby.  (So, don't climb on a motorcycle and head for the highway... not.a.good.idea.  Also, I wouldn't recommend rock climbing and wearing)
  2. Positionpositioning is of utmost importance (especially with babies 4mos and younger). Make sure babe's back is straight & supported. Babe's face should be pointed slightly up & away from you, with your carrier supporting their head/neck (be very diligent to ensure that they are not curled tightly in a position that places their chin to their chest – this can compress the airway. A good rule of thumb – make sure there is a fingers' width [or two] between babe's chin & chest).
  3. Carry as you would hold – the purpose of babywearing is to allow you to carry your baby/toddler hands-free. The position/hold that you wear your baby in should mimic how you would naturally hold them. You wouldn't hold a newborn like a sack of potatoes against your side, so you don't want your carrier to put them in that position either!
  4. Inspect your carriers – Every.Single.Time you go to wear your little one, quickly inspect your carrier first. Make sure none of the seams are worn and that all straps, etc are snugly attached.
  5. Be aware – with babe attached to you, be aware of your new “shape”. When going through door ways, walking through crowded malls... know where baby is (you don't want to bonk their head on a door or have someone bounce into them), this is especially important when babe is in a back carry.
  6. Choose an age appropriate carrier – What works for a teeny tiny baby may not work for a toddler (and vice versa). The less adjustable a carrier is, the less suited it is for an infant (you don't want them to wiggle themselves down and possibly get wedged in a leg hole).
  7. Practice makes perfect – Test carries out with a doll (or stuffie) first, have a spotter/partner to help if you. Start low to the ground (most carries can be done kneeling on the ground). Check your carry in a mirror and adjust accordingly.  My WGF showed me the beauty of wrapping and the back carry... whilst learning I had her show me.  I then had the hubs wrap me (while I was on all fours) and I graduated to wrapping myself.
  8. Monitor baby – hands-free doesn't mean that you can forget about baby. Make sure the carrier fabric is not over babe's face and check them frequently (too hot, too cold, breathing... you know, the important stuff).
  9. Breastfeeding and wearing – a wonderful bonus to wearing is (nearly) hands-free nursing... just remember to readjust babe's position after they have finished nursing (they need to be back above the breast with their head face free from the carrier fabric).
  10. Vary your positions – do this before you develop a 'favourite side', or it will be harder to get in to the habit (trust me... I know).
  11. Bending over – when bending over (to grab stuff, pick up another child, etc) make sure that you support your worn baby with your arm.
  12. Build up endurance – don't strap your 20lb+ baby to you, take a 2hr hike and expect to feel like roses (you will definitely feel better than if you were holding your 20lb+ baby for your 2hr hike but you will certainly be fatigued). This is best done by wearing babe as young as possible, your endurance will naturally increase as they grow.
  13. Baby & the elements – make sure you still dress baby accordingly. Skin peeking will need sun/wind protection.

Online Resources
The BabyWearer  (this is a members-only forum, so you have to create an account but they have a lot of online information and knowledgeable mothers)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Muddled Maddness

Do you ever have one of those days?  You know.  One.of.those.days?

Yeah.  Well.  Today was that day for me.

It all started at 7am when my alarm went off and I blearily thought  (Now 7am may not seem early but when your Muddled Household sleeps in until 9-9:30am on a regular basis... it's early enough to cause confusion).  Look over to find TT staring at his mama (frack... I wanted 10-15min to myself to enjoy a cup of fracking coffee!)

Get to MOPS, C-McC has a near blow-out and decides he doesn't really want to settle (

Gotta run errands so I convince my WGF that she needs two more kiddlins like she needs a hole in her head.  But she rocks major monkey balls... so agrees as long as I mail some sh*t for her.  Deal, yo!

Get 66.67% of errands done, just have to get license/plates renewed.  Apparently, I had to also have my picture taken... so they get half-way through the transaction... go to take picture.  And it takes a picture of my shirt (yay!) and then the flash busts (double yay!)  No problem, right?  Just change the bulb, right?  Wrong!  So wrong!

No, the bulb cannot be changed because there aren't any bulbs to replace the burnt bulb (waaaaaaaaaaaawt?), oh and now the system is all locked the fack up because my picture is of my shirt and that is not a suitable license picture.  So we cannot go forwards and we cannot go backwards.  Oh, oh, oh... and I've already paid, so I can't leave.  What should have taken 10 minutes (15 tops) took 1.fracking.hour!  The wonderful license lady had to call for hardware support, software support and get the stupid thing backed out.  So that I could leave (because the damned light bulb won't arrive until 4hrs or so) and I get to do it all again tomorrow.  Yayyyyy!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Muddled Toodler (AKA Cheese Connoisseur)

This Muddled household loves cheese.  Like looooooooooooves it. 

We prefer it aged... and apparently this preference has passed along to TT.  He is quite discerning with his cheeses.

It must be old cheddar (not medium... not extra old.  old).  And it must Pine River.  Seriously,  He will not eat Black Diamond or Kraft.  Just Pine River. 

I have never seen such a haughty look from a 2.5year old than when we fed him non-Pine River cheese.  The boy knows good cheese and he refuses to 'slum it'.

Anyone else surprised by their little ones tastes?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Muddy Muddled Mess

Am I the only one who loathes this time of year? 

I hate the mud

Shamelessly showing off how
adorable Muddled Dog was

I hate the muck

I hate how blah everything looks.

Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic that winter has come & gone but I do wish that we could skip spring (or at least early spring). 

I would love it we went from a blanket of thick, fluffy, gloriously white snow to a mud-free velvety carpet of green grass.  Is that too much to ask for?  Really?  Truly?  I think not.

Not my dog but sadly a sight I'm quite
familiar with
Since I'm asking for favours could someone explained to my Muddled Dog that mud is not for swimming in?

Stupid spring.  Next year I'm skipping it and going straight to summer, who's with me?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Too Many Online Tutorials... Too Little Time!

After being inspired by a fellow blogger (and super gal), I've taken another crack at sewing.  And I have to say.  I.Am.Loving.It!

However, this is presenting a problem.  I don't have enough time (or *ahem* money) to do everything that I want to do.  I seriously have had to divide my bookmarks into "crafts", "sewing crafts", "boy tutorials"/"girl tutorials"/"me tutorials"/"household tutorials"/"etc" <--- those are just my sewing bookmarks!

I am currently working on this shirt, I took a striped waffle knit top of TT's added ribbing to the bottom and a hood... I'm just waiting for my fabric to make the pocket to come in (and the zipper... I could not find a short enough zipper locally... weird!)

I've got a pair (or more) of pants that I'd like to make the boys, dresses are waiting... and my sewing machine and I are 'getting to know each other' (occasionally, we don't want to be friends... so I have to take a break of a day or two).

So, I will say maternity leave has been good for this Muddled Mama's creativity. 

Now a way to create a money tree!

Black S-Waaaaaaawt The Hell Just Happened?

This mama will be the first to admit that she isn't a cultural mama, my taste is pretty simple and when I try to be all grown-up-like... it fails.  Abysmally.

Typically, I choose my movies based on how hard I think I might laugh... and I don't tend to go for the ones the won Oscars... they just don't float my boat (if you know what I mean).

However, I'd heard wonderful things about Black Swan, from a plethora of people.  Now granted, these people have far more mature tastes than moi... but I thought it was still worth an at-home viewing.

Wow.  I can honestly say, that I was on the edge of my seat (and not in a good way... I was fidgeting the whole movie).  It just seemed to drag on and when the end finally came I looked over at the hubs and said (paraphrasing... I can't remember what I ate for breakfast... I did not remember what I said to my husband after viewing a movie earlier in the week), anywho... I said "waaaaaaaaaawt?"

This movie was advertised as a psycho-sexual thriller - well they got it partially right... it was psycho.  And not in a good way but in a weird way.

I can honestly say, I would not recommend this movie.  To anyone.  There are far better movies out there that deal with "the crazies".  Top 15 Psychological Thrillers - I've watched 8 out 15 of these movies... and I have to say, I think they're on to something.  Those movies are my idea of an excellent psychological thriller...

But these are just the views of A Muddled Mama