Saturday, April 2, 2011

Black S-Waaaaaaawt The Hell Just Happened?

This mama will be the first to admit that she isn't a cultural mama, my taste is pretty simple and when I try to be all grown-up-like... it fails.  Abysmally.

Typically, I choose my movies based on how hard I think I might laugh... and I don't tend to go for the ones the won Oscars... they just don't float my boat (if you know what I mean).

However, I'd heard wonderful things about Black Swan, from a plethora of people.  Now granted, these people have far more mature tastes than moi... but I thought it was still worth an at-home viewing.

Wow.  I can honestly say, that I was on the edge of my seat (and not in a good way... I was fidgeting the whole movie).  It just seemed to drag on and when the end finally came I looked over at the hubs and said (paraphrasing... I can't remember what I ate for breakfast... I did not remember what I said to my husband after viewing a movie earlier in the week), anywho... I said "waaaaaaaaaawt?"

This movie was advertised as a psycho-sexual thriller - well they got it partially right... it was psycho.  And not in a good way but in a weird way.

I can honestly say, I would not recommend this movie.  To anyone.  There are far better movies out there that deal with "the crazies".  Top 15 Psychological Thrillers - I've watched 8 out 15 of these movies... and I have to say, I think they're on to something.  Those movies are my idea of an excellent psychological thriller...

But these are just the views of A Muddled Mama


  1. In the movie's defence, if you are not a ballet fan, or know the "real" story of Swan Lake, the movie might not make a lot of sense... I loved this movie, A LOT, although I certainly found it disturbing. It stayed with me for days... but take that from a person who danced for a great majority of her life and would have given her right arm (or some fingernails, whatever) to play Odile/Odette at some point in her career...(alas, it wasn't meant to be!)
    So, the view of another muddled mama is that it's worth a watch! :)

  2. Defense taken - I am neither a ballet fan nor a dancer of any sort (aside from a wiggle & a jiggle)... Thanks for added your 10 cents ;o)