Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter - The Muddled Way

My unintentional New Year's Resolution was "doing it myself".

I've become decidedly more crafty, I now look at things in stores and ponder whether or not I would be able to do as good of a job (or better) as the in-store product.

So, I decided to take my new found craftiness and make my nephew and niece-to-be, hooded towels for Easter.  I purchased TT & C-McC some awesome hooded towels for Christmas.  They're awesome, I love them.  They.are.used.daily... I looked over them over and thought "I could totally do this" (maybe not quite as nice and definitely without the embroidery... but

My nephew's John Deere hooded towel

My niece-to-be's Pink Piggie hooded towel

** I have had a wonderful friend request a tutorial... but because I'm not real good at following one of those fancy-pancy patterns, I tend to... uhhhhhh... muddle my way through sewing un-patterned.  I have one more hooded towel to make for a special someone.  So I promise I'll take snaps throughout my muddled process and get a tutorial done (A Muddled Mama Way) **

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