Monday, April 4, 2011

A Muddled Toodler (AKA Cheese Connoisseur)

This Muddled household loves cheese.  Like looooooooooooves it. 

We prefer it aged... and apparently this preference has passed along to TT.  He is quite discerning with his cheeses.

It must be old cheddar (not medium... not extra old.  old).  And it must Pine River.  Seriously,  He will not eat Black Diamond or Kraft.  Just Pine River. 

I have never seen such a haughty look from a 2.5year old than when we fed him non-Pine River cheese.  The boy knows good cheese and he refuses to 'slum it'.

Anyone else surprised by their little ones tastes?


  1. I love how they each have their own tastes! Sloan it is shredded! And even then it's the tinyest bit! Her favorite food though is asparagus I think!

  2. My mum will be very happy to hear that, Chris! :)

  3. @Joelene - it is funny how they choose what they will & will not eat (and what the love to bits & pieces). Asparagus you say? TT won't touch that with a 10' pole (which is a shame because the hubs and I LOVE it)
    @Anne - Tell her that his mama has instilled in him his discerning taste ;o) (it is our own fault... we definitely choose PRC over all others... so he got used to the "good stuff" - and it's CHEAPER then the mass produced grocery stuff!)