Saturday, April 2, 2011

Too Many Online Tutorials... Too Little Time!

After being inspired by a fellow blogger (and super gal), I've taken another crack at sewing.  And I have to say.  I.Am.Loving.It!

However, this is presenting a problem.  I don't have enough time (or *ahem* money) to do everything that I want to do.  I seriously have had to divide my bookmarks into "crafts", "sewing crafts", "boy tutorials"/"girl tutorials"/"me tutorials"/"household tutorials"/"etc" <--- those are just my sewing bookmarks!

I am currently working on this shirt, I took a striped waffle knit top of TT's added ribbing to the bottom and a hood... I'm just waiting for my fabric to make the pocket to come in (and the zipper... I could not find a short enough zipper locally... weird!)

I've got a pair (or more) of pants that I'd like to make the boys, dresses are waiting... and my sewing machine and I are 'getting to know each other' (occasionally, we don't want to be friends... so I have to take a break of a day or two).

So, I will say maternity leave has been good for this Muddled Mama's creativity. 

Now a way to create a money tree!

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