Friday, May 20, 2011

Mama-Hood: It Ain't All Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows

In fact, I've found that there's a lot of snot, fecal matter and WWE wrestling (over teeth brushing of all things *sighs*). 

Irregardless, it is incredibly rewarding.  I know, totally misleading entry title, gotta keep my readers on their toes *wink wink*

So here's my Top 5 for why I do, what I do:

5)  Every.Single.Day.I.Learn.Something.New - seeing life through a 2.5y/o (*gasp* almost 3y/o) eyes is wonderful (most of the time).  Every day he says/does/learns something new; it allows me to reflect on my childhood (which, for the record, was pretty darn wicked awesome)

4)  Dandelion.Bouquets - they rock, there is something unbelievably sweet about watching your little man gather dandelions from the yard (we've got an overabundance of them, yo), take a deep sniff and hand them to you with such a look of pride.

3)  Family bed - when Mr. Sun makes his appearance in the morning, everyone finds their way to the same bed.  We burrow under the covers, we snuggle, we giggle and we just enjoy waking up together.

2)  I get paid in snuggles - seriously, there aren't many things better than your child burrowing in more closely on your lap... snuggling their nose right in the crook of your neck *sighs*

1)  "Wuv you mommy" - granted TT doesn't say "Wuv you" anymore (it's a far more grown-up "love you") but it seriously every.single.time he tells me that he loves me.  Especially when it comes out of nowhere (you know... colouring on the floor and he rolls over to say "I love you mom").  I can't wait for the first time C-McC utters those words.

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  1. aww. (just catching up on posts!)

    I can't wait until I get to "interact" a little bit more with Eli. (I know I know, they say to savour these moments too - but I'm still excited!)