Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No sequel to Sh*t-a-geddon

Dear TT & C-McC,
There will not be a sequel to Shit-a-geddon.
Got it?
Mama ♥

My children conspired against me... I was certain I would have at least two years before this happened, I suppose I was wrong.

The hubs, C-McC drove 2hrs to "the city" for an unfortunate family/social engagement...  whilst TT stayed with his Auntie and her puppy (he was ridiculously excited to spend the day with the puppy... ). 

C-McC was a freaking dream... slept the whole 2hrs and because we were running behind (isn't that the story of my life?) we arrived with minutes to spare... yank C-McC out of his car seat and I get a handful of poop.  *gag*  Good thing I pack like a mule and had an extra outfit! 

C-McC screams echo off the empty bathroom (apparently he could be heard from outside - score one for that awesomeness) where I scraped breastfed poop off of my son.  Had someone come in and ask if it was okay to start (fack, now I'm embarrassed... didn't realize everyone was waiting for me and Shitty-McGoo).  Get screaming banshee dressed and pop him in my sling for boob... go and sit.  C-McC behaves like a dream... charms people around us... and is just his general wonderful, inquisitive self.  Pulls plug from lap top that is playing a video/song for group (Yay!).  Mama fumbles to figure it out.

Mingle.  Lunch.  Mingle some more.  Hugs, kisses, etc.  Head home because C-McC has conked out and pray to all that is holy that he sleeps the whole way home! 

Drop some supper off to my lovely brothers, banshee (I mean C-McC) wakes up... and is hungry.now! 

Go to Aunts to pick up TT (and bring C-McC for a visit) and Shitty-McGoo struck again... now I have a car seat to wash, two blankets and a dress shirt. 

Get home and the hubs is busy doing some things... I'm on the phone with my grandma... nursing Porky-McPhee (aka: C-McC) and TT is crammed between a chair and a storage chest (generally a sign that he is pooping because heaven forbid my almost three year old poops on a toilet *sighs*), asked TT if he was pooping or needed to poop and got the expected response of "No poot".  Finish up call with my grandma and go to clean up TT's arse only to find poop.  EVERYWHERE.  Up his pants.  Down his pants... On the floor, his feet, the wall.   In his hair AND on my curtains (I don't know how it jumped out of his ass & landed on the curtain but it did *sighs*)

That was my day yesterday and yes, I had to throw out the curtains!

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  1. Ahhhhhh hahahaaha. Well, at least TT didn't sample his mess like some kids I know!