Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes... Part II

Children, they're a never-ending source of awesomesauce!

"Be nice, mom" - I get this more times than I'd like to admit.  It seems anytime the hubs and I have a discussion and I get a little snarky (who me?) TT is there to tell me to be nice.  He's become so adept at it that he's started warning me of my impending snarkiness before *I* even realize that it's about to happen.

"No plashing, C-McC" - TT & C-McC tend to enjoy bath time together, lately C-McC has become a lot more energetic in the tub... and that involves "plashing" (or splashing as us adults would refer to it as).  This frustrates the heck out of TT because he isn't allowed to splash so why is C-McC?  I'd hazard a guess that in the last week I've heard "No plashing, C-McC" (no TT does not actually refer to his brother by C-McC but you get my drift) in excess of at least a dozen times...

"Mommy, you a balla-reena?" - The hubs had yesterday off (holiday Monday for us Canukians), so we decided to head out and get some shopping done.  It was a wee bit muggy, so I wore a brown linen blend skirt... the moment I walked into the kitchen TT beamed up at me and asked if I was a balla-reena.  It make me feel seriously awesome and wonder what the heck he thought of my normal schlubby clothes... if wearing a skirt makes me a ballerina, maybe I need to step it up a notch on a daily basis.

"Daddy mom's boss, mom" -This came out of nowhere!  The hubs, TT & I were in the kitchen (C-McC was grabbing a much needed nap), when TT just blurted out that the hubs was my boss.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaawt?  Obviously, the hubs sneered and strongly agreed with TT - drat even at just shy of 3 he's already siding with his father!

"Hi kids!" - This seriously makes me smile every.single.time.I.hear.it... it's usually followed by "I a TT", while he proudly pats his chest. 

"So good!" - TT (and C-McC) received a play kitchen as their "big" present last year for Christmas... it's been a hit (with TT at least).  He likes to mix up some tasty treats and one day he handed me a plate... I asked what it was, "So good!".  So, I asked what was in it, "So good!".  Then I asked how he made it, "So good!".  Apparently the ingredients and methodology were a secret and all I needed to know was that it was "SO GOOD!"

"That's so tasty" - When TT is eating one of (his many) favourite treats he loudly proclaims "That's so tasty!" which is much preferred to "Ewwww, yuck".

Because I've picked up some new readers along the way I'll just brief you on what my boys acronyms stand for:
TT is my Teeny Terror, C-McC is my Clingy-McClingster.  I'm sure an explanation for why they are what they are isn't necessary (although if you don't know... feel free to ask and I can definitely cite a couple examples for why TT is a Teeny Terror or why C-McC is my Clingy-McClingster)

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