Thursday, May 19, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes...

"Take it easy, guys"
This was first said whilst the hubs & I were embroiled in an intense discussion...  TT stood between us both with his arms out stretched (palms flat) and in earnest asked us to "Take it easy, guys".  Some form of this phrase is said quite often during the day, especially if the hubs and I are really.close while talking (because close = arguing).

"Look dad, a baby airplane"
Some of you may remember that we took TT to explore the Space & Aviation Museum in Ottawa as a part of our Winterlude activities... well, apparently that experience has stuck with him.  The hubs took TT to town the other day and drove by the local airstrip.  The hubs said to TT "Look TT airplanes" and pointed.  TT piped up from the back seat "Look dad, baby airplanes".

"That one"
TT has long had a favourite cousin, he learned her name first, he called everyone else by her name and if I ever need to get out of the house I ask him if he wants to see said cousin. (Yes, I'm not above "lying" to grease the wheels in this house)  Well, this particular cousin's older sister came for supper at our house one evening.  TT knows her name (but then she went and decided to get all edumacated and go to university), we know he knows her name.  So we all burst out laughing when he pointed at her and said "That one". 

"What about B?"
My mom and I were running some errands... TT & C-McC were chilling like villains in the back seat.  On our way home we saw a tractor, TT said "Look unkie M's tracker".  Mom and I asked "What about uncle J" to which he promptly replied "What about B?"  B is TT's cousin.  He's three months older than TT and suffice to say, he doesn't actually own any tractors (of the real, farming kind).

Apparently (almost) 3y/o cousin B owns one of these bad boys
(Please note, this may or may not be the exact "tacker" in question
I'm sure that if my dear brothers read this, they'll notice the series number
and let me know if it is indeed the correct one - they're cool like that
**Not even 2hrs later, I received a phone call letting me know that this was
not.their.tractor, in fact they even knew the series number of this particular
tractor (which you can't see because of the angle... so they knew it by sight,
I swear they have John Deere super power

(not... I was expecting "the call")**

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