Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hold Me Accountable

So, I've been (not-so-diligently) doing C25K (that's Couch-2-5K). 

I downloaded the C25K app for my Android phone (the freebie, so I also downloaded Handy Runner to give me an idea of distance [apparently it doesn't work... it was clocking me at 4miles+ in 35min which equals ~6.5km... I drove it out with my car and it's closer to 4km]).

I definitely have noticed progress, my legs are leaner and it's really helped me drop some more weight.  I definitely need a virtual (and real) kick in the ass to keep me more committed.

So here I am.  I'm putting it out there.  That I am doing C25K and I'd love for my readers to virtually (or in real life) kick me in the ass.  I've done weeks 1 through 3 on and off.  Keep me going.  Please!

I promise to write a weekly update with my runs, times and visible distance (I have to guestimate since Handy Runner is obviously wack and sucks ass... ).

So, motivate me.  Okay?

** Oh and in the spirit of being completely honest - the 3.5 glasses of wine, handful of ribs, potato wedges, and ice cream with cookies on top... possibly not conducive to my whole "I wanna be more healthy" thing **

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Little Boob Man...

I have woefully been neglecting my blog!  I can't believe  over 2wks has gone by with nary a post in sight, ooops!  To be fair C-McC has crossed the 9 month mark and learning/doing way too many things (makes my head spin, for realz).  We now cruise around furniture and he gets this daring look in his eyes as if he's going to step away (thank goodness he chickens out, I am

Anywho, that's what has kept me busy (but not what today's post is about - although it does revolve around my incredibly unique C-McC)

So, I may have mentioned the C-McC has zero interest in "real food".  He is such a contrast to his big brother, TT.  At this age,, TT was eating everything & anything.  BBQ Chicken?  Don't mind if I do!  Steak?  Sounds good to me!  Really, TT was a mighty tank and he powered through everything we put in front of him.  C-McC?  Not so much.  Up until 2 weeks ago (or so), just about every.single.thing made him gag.  Sweet potatoes?  Yuck!  Quinoa?  *Barf*  He is an honest to god boob man, he loves him some mama's milk (obviously it's his food of choice) but he has started branching out to non-mama related nutrition.  Raspberries?  Meh.  Multigrain Cheerios (not Honey Nut... just so ya know)?  Not bad (if mama puts milk on them to soften them up).  Cottage Cheese?  Ohhhhh yumm!  Apparently, that

Latte boobie
I'm not concerned though, breastmilk (or if you're not nursing, formula) should be babe's primary source of nutrition in the first 12 months.  I'm just starting to feel a bit like I should start my own creamery... I also know that we (C-McC and I) won't be stopping anytime soon... yes, he's slowly consuming more solids and yes I'm sure soon he'll be eating full meals but we won't be weaning him anytime soon (his older brother nursed until 14-15 months, I'm 99.9% positive C-McC will surpass him) and I'm okay with that.  I know that "mama's milk" is still good for him, you don't reach 12 months and suddenly your milk stops being nutritious.  In fact my little boobie monster has boobie on *my* brain.  The other morning as I was about to take a sip out of my morning skinny, decaf latte... I got an eyeful of boobie cup (at least I think it looks like a latte boobie)