Sunday, July 17, 2011

C25K - myFitnessPal *Update*

Just a quick post to let you know that in this hot, muggy weather we're having, that I am indeed alive & kicking.

Sticking to my guns (I mean runs)... and watching what I'm eating (I'm down another 4lbs... which brings me to a total of 30lbs since February, yeah me!)

Also, just have to share some exciting news, this bad boy is coming home with me:

2011 Bob SUS Duallie
(I got a wicked deal on a 2010 model...
so my BOB is blue, not orange!)


  1. Yay new stroller!!! Love it!
    So, I have to ask because I am in desperate search...what kind of sports bra do you use for running? I'm not at the running part, just walking fast enough to keep up with our tireless dog, but as a fellow BBNM (Big.Boob.Nursing.Mama - yes, I made that up) I can't seem to find something with enough support. Have you found the holy grail of sports bras???

  2. Yay! I know - the damn thing is backordered, so I'm searching EVERYWHERE online to see if I can find it from another vendor *fingers crossed* I don't *really* want to go up (that thing is already almost $600CAD with taxes... *siiiiiiiiiiighs*)
    Anywho, as a fellow BBNM I've found an adequate bra... it's not as if the bosom doesn't move but it certainly moves substantially less (I definitely don't have to cross one arm over to stop them from knocking me out).
    BBNM Sports Bra

  3. Awesome! Thanks so much for the link!