Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Muddled Long Weekend...

So, my mom got married on the weekend... and she was the epitome of the anti-bridezilla.  (she was also the epitome of beauty in her purple dress... very, very easy breezy and quite becoming).

I picked my own dress:

Kiyonna Desert Rain Maxi - Teal
(Please note:  I didn't look quite as awesome but I tried)
My own accessories:

Fascinator was created by the brilliant mind behind
A Handmade Tale
Photo courtesy of: A Handmade Tale (I forgot to snap a picture)
And she only slightly rolled her eyes over my Comfy Joey slingified Inka Storch wrap (hey, you gotta match your carriers to your formal wear!):

Sorry for the fuzz-factor... but c'mon doesn't that sling
just *go* with my dress?
(Ps: I.love.sleeping.sling.babies)

It was a hot, sticky day... but I think everyone had a grande ol' time, I know *I* did. 

And while I didn't get my arse out for a run (ummmm... at all last week).  I did sign up for myFitnessPal and I'm tracking every.single.thing.I.eat... I'm hoping to Kinect tonight, after the hubs gets home from work (and the boys are tucked into bed) and I've made plans with my cousin to head out for a run later on this week.  And I did dance my butt off at the wedding... so, that's something, right?

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  1. Didn't Kinect but I did get out for a good jog!