Friday, July 22, 2011

My Muddled Journey

I am working my ass off (literally... yo) to  be a healthier mom.  I want to be there for my kiddies (and while I realize the length of my life is not in my hands, the quality of said life certainly is).  So, myself and the hubs have been taking better care of ourselves (we're not perfect... we definitely enjoy a fast food burger, but we *are* better).

As we've embarked on our journey, there have been snippets of advice that has driven me nearly around the bend, I'll just share a few of them:

"eat carrot sticks/celery (insert crunchy veggie here) instead of chips, the crispy-crunchiness of the veggies will satisfy your crunching urges" -  Seriously, they'll satisfy my "crunching urges"?  Ummmmkay... because I will totally be fooled by the crunch of a carrot into believing that it just might be a non-salted orange chip?  I think not... granted carrots are infinitely better than chips (and I am making myself choose them over chips) but I'm not lying when I say that I miss chips.

"once you get into good work out rhythm, you'll totally catch *the bug*"  -  I think the thing that irritates me the most about this,  I feel like shit the days *cough-week-cough* that I don't get out for my jogs.  I enjoy my time alone, with nothing but the next interval to worry about.  I've *never* enjoyed exercise (organized sports?  yes!  exercise?  hells no!

"eating healthier is so.much.cheaper"  -  Really?  It is?  Because last time I checked my grocery store, milk was over $6.00 for 4L.  I honestly don't notice a price difference,

I do find myself thinking about food and exercise a lot throughout the day (either in a shameful *I can't believe I ate that/didn't go out for my jog* sort of way or *What should I eat, this or that/When can I fit my jog in*) and I truly hope I don't become one.of.those.people (you know, the ones that you swear can mentally calculate the calories in their food [as well as yours and give you a disproving look too]).

Just trying to muddled my way through this - anyone else on the "healthy living - reduce your ass" kick?  Share your advice!


  1. Six years ago I read 'French Women Don't Get Fat' and it totally changed my attitude to EVERYTHING. I re-read it whenever I feel I need a little kick in the tushie to get back on track. It's very worn :) And...there's lots of great calorie-saving recipes included.
    Have you checked out That gal is INSANE. Kind of makes me want to attempt her workouts!

  2. I found myself nodding my head at all of your points. Yeah the whole "just eat a carrot instead of a chip" thing pisses me off lol! I will do it but I don't have to like it and I won't be comparing it to a chip anytime soon!

  3. Carrots are pretty good... if you're dipping them in ranch dressing. Actually, anything is good when it's dipped in ranch dressing. Buuuuut it doesn't really make it healthier than a chip. :(

    <3 Melissa @ knit purl baby

  4. I'm partial to Three Cheese Ranch dressing (uhhh... it's absolute awesomesauce on a fajita). But if it came down between ranch dipped carrots and chips, chips would win hands down :P So, it's plain carrots for me *le sigh*