Thursday, July 7, 2011

No 'poo - Day 2

I've attempting to go no 'poo* (*please note the apostrophe in front of "poo", it is a very important apostrophe... because it indicates that "poo" is not the entirety of the word that I am referring to - so no, I am not discussing my bowel movements [I'm not so short on material to discuss that I feel it is vital to stoop to that, at least not just yet].  The 'poo in question is SHAMpoo... in case you were wondering).

I have yet to find the right baking soda to water consistency, but so far it's not too bad.  My hair is a little oilier than it would normally be the day after a wash but not as oily as it would be on day 2.  I'm hoping once I figure out the right amount of water/baking soda that it will make a difference.  I've also read that there can be an adjustment period of up to a week and once your hair/body adjusts to not having shampoo used on it, it won't produce as much oil (thus staying cleaner longer). 

I was concerned that the lack of conditioner would make my crazy hair absolutely unwieldy.  I have fine, thick wavy-ish hair.  Hair dressers are always surprised at the amount of hair covering the floor when I come in (really, it's THICK... it just doesn't look like it... weird, I know).  I can honestly say that I can't get a brush through it while wet (which I am aware is super no-no, but I do it anyways).  And I hate smelling like a salad while my hair is wet (I'm thinking of creating an essential oil/apple cider vinegar solution so that it'll smell less salad-E).  But I can definitely get a brush through my tangles the next morning, so that's good. 

Now, you might be wondering what on earth prompted me to attempt to ditch shampoo... I was shocked (yes, shocked) when I realized just how much crap is in our hygiene and beauty products (don't believe me?  check this out). 

Since we've started our family, the hubs and I have made a concentrated effort to "do better".  We make our pasta sauce.  If it's between store-bought and homemade, 95% of the time we'll do it ourselves.  We buy locally made handcrafted soap and I'm hoping that soon, we'll be a family of four no 'pooers


  1. Check out these recipes FYI (although seem more complicated than water/baking soda - but projects are fun!)
    (click "next step" to see the others).

    I don't know what Castille soap is though...

  2. Wow, I'm observant. Just noticed this! Thanks Lindsay - I will check them out. I totally 'pooed out on day 4. We ripped up carpet in our living room and were generally running our asses all day... it was hot, muggy and no 'poo just didn't feel clean enough. I'm going to attempt it again when it's not so darn muggy :)