Friday, July 22, 2011

Perfect Mama, Sch-Mama...

I blog a lot about my more awesome moments (can you say narcissist?) trust me when I say it isn't all sunshine and kittens

Here are a few of my less stellar qualities:

I yell
After asking TT what seems like 50 times to do something, something simple, something I know that he can do... I find my will to calmly tell him to please do such-and-such snap... and I yell.  I don't like it, and I'm not proud of it but it happens.  I feel like a shit afterwards and profusely apologize for being "Angry Mom".
I could totally lose myself in the interwebs.  Like the house could be on fire and I'd sniff and think "Mmmmmm, BBQ".

I often feel that "Because I said so" is a suitable response/reason
Explaining why we must do something, fifty-freaking-million times annoys me.  A lot.  And sometimes (often) I find myself resorting to "Because" (because some things just are, okay?)

I strongly suspect "real children"
My house is a disaster
For realz, it is messy and cluttered and some days I could just crawl out of my skin because it drives me so nutty.  I would love to lay 100% of the blame on the hubs, TT & C-McC but I gotta be honest and say, I have a hard time giving a damn..

I utter threats
I have been known to furiously whisper to ill-behaving children that they better listen or else (insert [go home to bed, not get that toy, etc]) and I know sometimes when we are out and the boys are giving me a run for my money that I must seem like uber-bitch at that exact moment, but please realize that you didn't see the 30min/3hrs/day leading up to that particular moment...

I am not above bribery
When threats (of bed, home, no toy, etc) don't work I have been known to employ bribery.  Because sometimes buying that damn toy will quiet them up long enough to trap everyone in their car seats (where they cannot escape and cause more mayhem).

Children don't come with manuals (and oh how I wish they did - I'd buy multiple copies!), so we have to muddle our way through it.  One experience at a time...

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