Monday, August 29, 2011

{Buff Mama Monday} Fallen off the bandwagon...

For shame - that didn't take me long to fall off of the {Buff Mama Monday} Bandwagon. 

I've been MIA from my blog, but I have been behaving (kinda).  After my lovely bought of mastitis, I dropped 4lbs.  Seriously, they just fell off of me.  And then I got together with friends.  *sighs*

While I have managed to keep those 4lbs at bay, I am not eating like I should (my god, why on earth does this need to be a never ending drama?) and I haven't gone out for my runs (but I have done some great walking whilst pushing two boys + a diaper bag).

I'd like to say that I'm going out tonight, but I'm not... I have LLL tonight (yep, sitting around munching on snacks and chatting with my ladies takes precedence over getting my act together).

I do have one bit of good news - not only have I get those extra 4lbs off (I'm not at a total loss of 35lbs), I've also lost another 1" from my waist and 0.5" from my hips!  Yay me!

I need to revamp my "Running List" - so spam me with the tunes that get *YOU* moving!

And now I'm going to go and make Banana Avocado muffins for my meeting tonight (Banana Avocado you say?  Why yes, I will blog the recipe later... it is DEE-LISH!)

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