Monday, August 15, 2011

Joining The Crafty Nest's {Buff Mama Monday}

Last week Vanessa started her Buff Mama Monday and not to be a bandwagon jumper but I'm hopping on that train. 

I know I need more accountability.  I can talk out of my ass (figuratively people) all I want but unless I actually do it, it doesn't mean anything... right?

I can honestly say last week was not a stellar week - in fact, the only reason I'm down a pound (which brings my total 32lbs from my highest postpartum weight) is because I managed to get the icky mastitis this weekend (an all-night-long pukefest and having the shakes does wonders for my figure). 

I didn't manage to get 3 runs (jogs... because let's face it this fanny doesn't move at a running pace) in last week but I did get two good ones in.  One that included a wicked head wind while pushing my two boys in my beloved BOB (now that was fuuuuuuun).  And we made sure to get out as a family and walk. 

I'm definitely re-focusing on food this week, I'm going to give my poor mastitis boobie a break from the underwire/sports bra... so my defense shall be food - spam me with your low-sugar (I'm on antibiotics for my mastitis and don't relish the thought of thrush... been there, done that), healthy recipes.


  1. Just the word mastitis has by boobies hurting! Awesome job this week. I've been on the lookout for a BOB on craigslist but no luck yet and I think my husband might kill me if I bought yet another expensive piece of baby equipment.

  2. Check out baby vendors for last years model, they typically have them at a steep discount!
    The BOB SUS Duallie (that's what I got) 2011 model runs about $520CAD, I got a 2010 model for $410CAD
    Thanks V - I jumped on the scale this morning (uhhh... because I'm neurotic like that) and I'm down another 2lbs (now to keep them at bay!)