Monday, August 8, 2011

What's On Your Must Read List?

I received one of the bestest birthday presents ev.ah!  (okay, disclaimer... my birthday was in February... I've had not-yet-mentioned-present since February... so hold your pants on, I promise this is going somewhere). 

The awesomesauce present that I speak of is my Kobo.  This has been an invaluable device to the mama of a rabid nursling (I mean, to the mama of a breastfed baby).  There are those that have been blessed with the skills (and the not-so-ample-bosom) required to nurse hands-free, I bow down to you.  I have not acquired said skills, so reading during late-night nursing sessions was an exercise in frustration (read page.  shift hands to read next page.  set book down.  flip page.  rinse & repeat). 

Enter the Kobo.  Want to read what's going to happen on the next page just push the button (mine is the "low-tech" non-touch).  The thrifster (aka: Extreme Cheap-O) in me loves that there are a tonne of free books to be had (and I can check books out from the library or share, how awesome is that?).  The thrifster in me is saddened at the number of author's that who have some new reads available (read: non-free eBooks).  *sighs*  But, since I will be going back to work soon, I'm going to need something to read during my lunch hour, so it's like an investment or something... right?  Right?

So here's a peek at my "I-Gotta-Get-My-Hands-On-These" List:
Eve by Iris Johansen
Quinn by Iris Johansen
Under an Afghan Sky by Mellissa Fung
Before I Go To Sleep by S. J. Watson
Blood Ties by Kay Hooper
Fallen by Karin Slaughter
The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen

What is on your must read list?


  1. I just read Secret Daughter (and cried through most of it) - amazing! I'm flying to Sudbury for work tomorrow and picked up Room and The Happiness Project to read on my way there and during some un-interrupted down time after mettings (I'm there until Friday).
    Thanks for your list! I think I need one of these fancy schmancy reading devices!

  2. You can download books for your kobo to order to get around that whole non-free ebooks business. If you download music/movies/tv etc you have enough tech savy to download books.

  3. I miss reading. Now I read childrens books with funny voices and animal souds! I have a million books though. I bought a new Adele Parks and Sheila O'Flanagan, so those are next although I also have The Help I'm wanting to read before I see the movie!

  4. I got The Help loaded on my Kobo... now to just get through a couple that I've already started :)

  5. Aaaaaaand I'm reading "The Silent Girl" and it's a-motzo-balls!