Friday, August 5, 2011

You Know it's HOT when your Non-Freezerables Are Melting!

So, the weather lately has swung from a hot, sweltering mess (thanks giant lake for making summer a very sticky affair) to cool and delightful. 

Can you guess what kind of day today was

Can you guess what happened when TT, C-McC and I spent the morning/early afternoon with some friends and decided to go to the park after lunch?  Can ya?  (If you can't guess, I think it's safe to assume that this is your first foray into my muddled life)

If you guessed major-freaking-meltdown, you're a winner (of what, I am not sure... this isn't a giveaway, unless of course you're in the market for a slightly used TT).

Yes, apparently, the heat can cause children to melt (down that is... too bad they can't be put in the freezer to chill-the-hell-out... I'm kidding [obviously... right?])

The perfect ended to TT's crazytown meltdown (which included [but was not limited to] invading another child's personal space... repetitively, kicking and headbutting... basically he lost his shit ), was the car-seat-wrestle.  Try wrestling a super-pissed-off almost 3y/o into his car seat as he's having a WWE-style flip out... yeah, that is fun.  You literally have to sit on him to get him all buckled in (which is oh-so-fucking-fun when he does it out at Wall-Butt... because people stop.stare.and.glare).

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