Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{Buff Mama Monday}... Errr Tuesday...

You know how last week I was all smug about my lack of discipline.  How even though I'd totally fallen off the wagon I hadn't gained any weight so I was still good?  Remember? 

Yeah, well those 4lbs that melted during my mastitis nightmare, they came back.  Plus 1.  Fuuuuuuuuuuck.

The hubs is back to work this week (after a delightful two week vacation), I'm hoping that having normal meal times (I love him but he so screws with meal times) will help me lose those 5lbs (and then some). 

I need to get my butt out jogging (BOB is squeaking... I've messaged the company with a complaint... what a sad state of affairs when I use a squeak as a reason to not jog )

Today is TT's birthday - should I sneak a jog in?  Probably, since we are having his favourite for supper: P-I-Z-Z-A!

Feel free to kick me in the butt (jeez, I say that a lot in regards to this whole "deal", don't I?)

I asked (last week?) for exercise music lists... anyone care to share what's on their move-it list?


  1. Oh I so understand gaining weight when hubby is around. Mine works from home once a week and meal time is around the clock on that day...ugh! Hang in there, today is a new day :)

  2. Oddly enough Pussy Cat Dolls cd's are excellant move music!! and then you keep thinking of their sexy bodies dancing to that music and it makes you angrier and move faster!! lol... least it does for me.