Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life - It's all a matter of perspective...

Another blogging mama posted about Keeping up with the Jones's

It got me thinking - I truly love having people over to my house, but I'm often embarrassed by the state of chaos that it is in at any given time.

I'd love to blame it all on having two boys and a husband who walks out of things and leaves them where they fall.  But I definitely exhibit a "who the fuck cares" when it comes to some of my domestic duties. 

I grew up in a household where my mother was neurotic (hi mom, I love you... but you are insane about your cleaning), she'll even tell me now that "it's relaxing" (if you're crazy).  As an adult I've slowly evolved (with the help of my husband because oh-my-god, there's only so many times you can say "put you damn shoes away... away... away!" before you finally snap and just say to hell with it) from a stressing not-quite-as-neat-as-my-mama kind of person to a messy.  Yep, I'm a messy.  Our house (while not tiny) is cluttered (which happens when one member of the household has issues with throwing things away [not.naming.names]).  I'd love to rent a giant garbage bin and just pitch shit out the door... 

It's old (there's no way around that... it's a century farm house... ).  It's outdated (hello 70's paneling and acoustic ceiling tiles) and it's cluttered... when I see pictures of neat and tidy new homes, I feel pangs of envy.  They're so pretty.  I want that.  I want that NOW!  But, the hubs and I are not willing to put ourselves in debt up to our eyeballs so that we can have a completely gutted home. 

I have dreams for my home (Pinterest can attest to that!) but I do occasionally have to remind myself that good things come to those who wait

My house will get there.  It's not there now.  But it will... one day.  For now, I have a husband that I love like freaking crazy.  Two gorgeous boys that I am so very blessed to be the mama of.  And a sturdy house that is full of potential.

And when I put it like that - I'm damn lucky!  Because life - it's all a matter of perspective!


  1. I love how one person's blog post influences the other.

    oh pinterest pinterest.

    Of course I have two pins that reminds me of this post.





    ps. Tell hubs that the sink from ikea is totally worth it! ;)

  2. LoL - Oh the hubs has been shown the sink. And then I explained what a *good* price the Ikea sink was and then to illustrate my point, I showed him OTHER apron sinks... I'm fairly certain that my new kitchen will have an Ikea sink ;)

    Thanks for the pins... I LOVE the first one. Where to put it? ;)