Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Fun...

Today the hubs, our boys & I went to a local fall festival... there's a slew of booths (with super-duper-yummy food), crafts, a midway and (of course) a classic car show. 

Now, we did bring BOB along (to carry my wallet, a change of diapers and TT when his legs gave out from walking) but C-McC definitely enjoyed his mama-perch.  I had him up on my back in our mei tai (with a sweater that I since ungrown [?] tossed over top to keep us both nice & cozy warm). 

It was great - I knew where he was, he could see EVERYTHING from his perch and he chatted endlessly with many a bewildered stranger (most of whom stopped for a moment to figure out where the very excited chatterbox was).

I love babywearing... I love the snuggles, I love how easy it is and I love knowing that my boys are safe and I have my hands free if I have to dash after another one of my children (yep, TT is the mad-dash-king... )

TT got to ride on a pony but was very disappointed to realize that he's just not tall enough to get on the Ferris wheel (which was fine by his mama & dad... we both had visions of him getting to the top and having an absolute shit-fit... ).

C-McC enjoyed the endless supply of french fries that I passed over my shoulder (and surprisingly my hair and back were fry-free!)

We all enjoyed the brisk, fresh fall air (which came with some not-so-enjoyable rain at the end... good thing we were already on our way home)... I think we're all tuckered out now... TT had a hard time getting up the stairs to get in the house... now both boys are playing with plastic cups (I seriously don't know why we waste money on toys) and the hubs & I are vegging out on the interwebs...

Happy Fall All!

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