Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall in love with FALL

I love fall.  Really, I do. 

I love the colours
Taken from Explore the Bruce website

I love the crisp cool breeze with the sporadic days of summer-like bliss 

What isn't to love about it? 

You aren't sweating your ass off with the humidity and soaring temps of July/August and you aren't freezing your toes off in blustery, squally winter!  Spring (while gorgeous) is a bloody mess here... muck and guck... yuck!  I wish we could just skip from winter to early summer... but fall.  *sighs*  Fall is wonderful.

Nature puts on a gorgeous show... the leaves turning from green to yellow, orange and crimson. 

With the dipping temperatures people start their wood stoves and wood fireplaces... which leaves a heavenly scent in the air when you're out for an evening stroll.

Fall is full of promise, you might get before the snow flies and since the winter weather hasn't started you can delude yourself into believing it isn't really.that.bad (winter that is).

Fall (for my family) is the start of the holiday season... the start of more family dinners (which are hectic, stressful and gloriously wonderful

Fall is a time for traditions - the fall just after TT's first birthday we went to a local apple orchard (with a lovely friend of mine) and we've gone every fall since. 

Not *our* orchard

We go through the rows picking apples for pies, sauce, and snacks.  For sandwiches (want a delicious twist on your traditional turkey sandwich... add freshly sliced apples, a schmear of red pepper jelly and a couple glops of brie, you'll thank me... I promise) and supper (curried apple with chicken, or roast pork loin with an apple glaze).  We stop for pictures and to run around on the bales of hay and the best part is when we pop into the store and grab up some delicious preserves and treats.

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