Sunday, October 9, 2011

Teething Necklace

I remember when I had TT, there were these teething necklaces that some mama's were using.  I thought it was witchcraft (okay, I didn't think witchcraft but I definitely thought hokum).

Along came C-McC and I remembered reading about them and I knew some mama's that swore by them (seriously  I found one on sale and picked it up for C-McC... neither the hubs nor I were true believers, sure C-McC looked super-duper cute and he was happy but he was just a happy kind of guy!

So, being the super awesome kind of parent's that we obviously we are, we decided to do an experiment.

I would randomly put C-McC's necklace on him (and not tell the hubs).  We would do this for a week or so and the hubs would guess which days the necklace was and was not on (he isn't the cheating sort, so I didn't have to worry about him taking off C-McC's shirt to find out).

The hubs knew which days were what - seriously!  On a particularly bad day, he looked at me said to grab the necklace... C-McC obviously needed it.

So you can guess how sad I was when the clasp on C-McC's necklace broke... Guess I'll be checking out Inspired By Finn and picking up another necklace (or two TT hasn't cut his 2 year molars yet and gosh darnnit they're cute [the necklaces... not his molars])

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