Saturday, November 12, 2011

That's not fair!

I have long since bemoaned situations in life that aren't exactly, eleventy-billion percent fair... in fact, as a teenager that was a phrase that often sprang forth from my mouth (often times when my brothers were allowed to do things that I was not - obviously, I didn't take into consideration the five year age gap).

I like things to be fair.  I like everyone to be treated the same.  I like rules and structure.  And I like them to apply to all.

I don't like when expectations are not clear or shift depending on who the expectations are regarding.  I don't like a different set of rules for different people.  And I absolute abhor when I react to a situation and it is regarded as "improper", even if those regarding it as "improper" would react in the same way.

I hate hypocrisy.  Unless, of course, I am the hypocrite. 

I fully understand as a twenty-something (oh dear, please don't make me say "nearly thirty-something") that life is not fair... but dammit, it doesn't mean that I have to like it!