Sunday, January 15, 2012

Making A Difference

Something wonderful.  Something fabulous.  Something AMAZING. 

Something happened tonight that made me so happy that I am such an outspoken loudmouth. 

A friend of mine linked Keep Kids Rear-Facing! on her Facebook page... and I'll be honest, it gave me a warm tingly feeling (in a non-pervy manner) because I knew that I had done that!  I'd shared the information that caused that mama to re-evaluate car seats. 

I'd done that and dammit, I'm proud of it!  It may be only a small difference but it is pretty darn big to me. 

We "extended rear-face" (or ERF), TT didn't turn FF until 2.5yrs (and C-McC will see the world in reverse well into his third year.... but he's just a bitty guy).

Just a quick post to toot my own horn... I'll try to get a post extolling the virtues of ERF banged out soon...

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