Friday, March 30, 2012


In no particular order... things in my life that give me great joy

*  Quietly creeping up the stairs because you hear two little boys whispering away... sneaking a peek into their room and realizing that TT is reading to C-McC

*  Hearing, for the first time, the *thrum, thrum, thrum* of babe's heart beat

*  Watching as my boys enthusiastically greet their daddy, when he gets home from work

*  Discussing all things birth with like-minded women

*  Catching a glimpse of the hubs as he pulls in the drive on his bike (I may not be fond of the bike but hot damn he looks good on it)

*  Spending the better part of an hour chatting with my mama
*  Scoring an awesome deal on something (anything - I'm a huge fan of "the deal")

*  Receiving a parcel in the mail (maybe aforementioned "deal"... or fluff... fluff is always welcome in this home)