Saturday, April 28, 2012

What it means...

I was driving to work the other morning and heard "Woman Like You" by Lee Brice (what can I say, I'm a country fan) and it brought tears to my eyes (okay, so that may be due in part to the hormones... can you say sappy preggo?) but it definitely got me thinking about this blog posting by Rachel Held Evans.

Marriage to me is so much more than a fancy-schmany wedding day.  It isn't about the cake, the dress (mine is still hanging up at my mom's... right where I left it after the wedding) or the cutesy photos (although, they are a lovely keepsake).

Marriage is what comes after 

It's two people creating a life for themselves; lovingly, respectfully and thoughtfully. 

It's having the most desirable person in the world as your best friend.

It's sharing your life with another (and maybe add a few more to the mix?)

A marriage doesn't last longer because you took out a mortgage to pay for your wedding.Your love isn't stronger because you crafted the wedding of the century.

You might blow away your guests with your impressive style and awesome taste... but at the end of the day, you're not going home with them.


  1. I didn't listen to the song...I'm not a country fan lol But I hear ya! We had a pretty simple wedding and reception and I loved planning it and preparing some of the details, but on the day of, I wasn't upset when plans changed and we got married on my parents porch instead of the beach (it was WAY too windy), or worrying that everything went perfect - I knew that Matt was going to be the one waiting for me at the end of whatever aisle I walked down, and regardless of whether we did the right toast, or cut the cake at the right time, or whatever, he was going to be my husband for the rest of my life - and that's what mattered!

  2. Making me weepy Joelene :)

    That's exactly what I meant... it rained the day of my wedding, honestly... standing at the front of the Church saying my vows (which I *ahem* wrote) and listening to the rain fall on the roof, one of the most beautiful moments. Ever. (Very closely followed by the births of my boys).

    I am married to my soul mate, I have two beautiful boys and who knows what the future holds. For this I am very blessed...

    I can totally see the hubs crafting up a song quite similar to the one I shared (okay, not country because he is so *NOT* a fan!) but the cheeky lyrics with a sweet undertone :)