Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Difference in prenatal care {MIDWIVES}

So, this time around I've decided to go the midwifery route... my two previous pregnancies (which resulted in two healthy, happy and wild boys) I went the hospital/OB route. 

Unlike most women who choose alternate care after hospital/OB births, we had two wonderful birth experiences.  Both were intervention free, both boys were given to me immediately after birth, both boys roomed in with me and in both instances, my wishes were respected (no circumcision, no formula, no baths without myself or my husband present and babes were allowed to share my bed).

Given such positive, wonderful birth experiences... one might wonder why I'm choosing to rock the boat?

Well, when I had C-McC, the hardest thing for me was when the hubs went home with TT and there I was all alone with C-McC.  I did not in the least find it relaxing... I wanted to be with my family.  I wanted to be in my bed.  I wanted to be home.

So, when the hubs and I started talking about baby #3, I decided to look into a home birth.  I had a couple friends who had gone that route... and having complication-free pregnancies, I feel confident that it is a good choice for my family

In Ontario, midwives are highly skilled birth professionals (4 years of university learning centered around pregnancy, labour, birth & newborn care... as well as emergency skills) .  Fo realz, they're not hippie-dippy-trippy gypsies that catch freshly born babies.

So, somewhere in here is my point... honest!

With my previous two pregnancies, I had wonderful experiences... however, the prospect of bringing a child with me to a prenatal appointment made me break out in a sweat and feel slightly (okay a lot) nauseous.  While my doctor was an excellent practitioner, he was also quite tardy (typically, he'd have two or three appointments crammed into one slot - he still gave amazing service and you definitely didn't feel rushed but try getting your 2y/o to sit for 3hrs while you're waiting to see your doctor). 

Friday I had an appointment with my primary, the hubs was going to try to take the afternoon off to watch the boys for me.  Things came up and he couldn't even ask to leave (much less actually leave).  So, off I schlep to my appointment... boys, a bag of toys and some snacks, in tow.  Honestly, as much as I was looking forward to hearing that sweet, sweet heartbeat... I was also dreading herding my turtles. 

Colour me surprised when we walked right into our appointment... no sitting in the waiting room, no chasing toddlers down the hall.!  And my primary, she happily engaged the boys and answered their questions... I couldn't believe when we left that an hour had gone by!  It was so calm (and dare I say relaxing?), and it was such a sweet moment to be able to hear the heartbeat with my boys (our primary asked TT if he could hear it and he said "yes, it's going bump-bump-bump-bump").

It was definitely a moment that reinforced my decision... I left feeling happy, confident and happy.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that your pregnancies became successful. Please do share what you did in your pregnancy for us to learn more on this stage.