Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Don't Tell {YOU} How to Parent...

Alternative parent (which honestly, I don't even think I am... I'm just a mama who loves her boys and tries to parent in a way that works for me) equals always having to explain why. 

Why do I baby wear?  Don't I know that it is going to spoil/coddle them?  How will they walk?  I'm allowing my child to manipulate me,

Why do I breastfeed?  How will anyone else feed baby?  Does a 20mos old really need to breastfeed?  I am creating a mama's boy.

Now that we're expecting #3 and I'm contemplating a rather non-traditional birth route... I'm hearing a lot of this:  A homebirth?  Are you crazy?  You are crazy!  What if something happens, you'll never forgive yourself!  That's what hospitals are for... (honestly, I could go on and on about this one)

I may not do everything mainstream, but just because I march to the beat of a different drum... doesn't mean I do so without thought.  Yes, I have been known to act instinctively (I call it intuitive parenting)... but most of my alternative parenting ideas I've put a lot of thought into. 

So please, when someone you know/love does things a little differently... before jumping all over them and calling them names, insulting their intelligence and questioning their parenting.  Think.  Think that maybe, just maybe, they've considered the pros & cons and they're doing what they think is best for their family.

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