Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rockin' Mama

Remember my Rock of Ages post?

Yeah, well I went to see it and it.was.awesome (like, "I will buying a copy to add to my personal collection" awesome).

The music was fabulous - I definitely tapped my foot along (and when I have my own copy in the comfort of my own home, I'll be yowling along with the movie) and listened to viewers behind me enthusiastically sing along.

I felt so old and young,

In my oh so humble (and obviously cultured) opinion, this is a must see (the hubs absolutely 1000% disagrees with me... but there's no accounting for taste)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

22 - 23 weeks-ish

It's weird being pregnant with two little guys... TT has been there and done that (gone through one of mama's pregnancies) but this is a whole new ball-O-wax for C-McC. 

I'm definitely noticing the aches and pains a lot sooner this time around... and holy-schmoly does running around after two active boys ever  Fo realz!

I've also noticed that TT "get's it" this time... he knows there is a baby in mom's belly and he knows that baby is going to be a part of the family (now whether or not C-McC truly get's it or not, he does seem to have some grasp on it... he'll lift my shirt up, kiss my belly and say baby).

It's shocking how quickly this pregnancy has flown by... I'm past the half-way mark!  I've had one ultrasound (and babe did their part to help mama keep the gender a secret) and miscellaneous other tests (you know, pee tests, blood... all that fun stuff). 

Before I know it, we'll be having our at-home midwife visit and then babe will be in our arms. 

It's crazy to think that October seems to far away, but it's not far.  Not far at all!  We have a busy summer ahead of us and I know in a blink of an eye it'll be September and TT will be starting elementary school, eeeep! 

One baby goes off to school and another will join our family   awwwwwwwwww

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Heat Wave}

I'm totally one of those people who will bitch and moan about the heat (especially considering that I get to enjoy it whilst pregnant, this year... I figure that gives me at least 2*n extra bitching points). 

I'm the kinda gal that prefers 18-22*C with a light wind (not particular at all, am I?)

So, you can imagine my horror when the media started predicting "record highs" and that we were in for some hot and muggy weather.  I swear, my feet puffed up just thinking about the humidity that was coming our way.

The hubs & I were talking about the weather last night (yep, we're the couple that discusses the weather) and it's no wonder that the heat kicks my ass... our small area of the world has (historically speaking) seen temperature swings from over 38*C (plus humidity... trust me, you can't forget that) to -32*C (plus windchill, ditto on can't forget)... makes my whining a little more justified (in my, oh-so-humble, opinion).

My boys have been enjoying the pool at their childcare providers... (lucky ducks) and I've been blessedly holed up in A/C for most of the week - how have you been beating the heat??

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

What makes a father a dad?

Biologically speaking a father donates their genetic code for the creation of their offspring. 

A dad (in my opinion) is so much more.

A dad kisses ouches (boo-boo's?  or whatever your preferred term)

A dad snuggles up with little ones & big ones alike

A dad reads stories before bed (even when all they want to do is curl up on the couch)

A dad has the answers to everything (but don't tell mom)

A dad supports, protects and enlightens

A dad is a hero, avenger and boogie-monster-hunter

A dad is the voice of reason when mom is being "mean" (you know, by saying "no")

A dad loves fiercely & unconditionally

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Muddled Baby {Boy OR Girl?}

So the hubs and I are in agreement that we will wait until babe is born to find out gender (agreement might be a bit of a stretch, the hubs definitely agreed under duress)

I am 99% certain that our family is complete and I wanted this last pregnancy to draw the surprise out.  I have a moment that I keep picturing in my head (and I truly hope it comes to fruition), anywho, I knew that since I didn't want to know that the hubs couldn't know. 

Not fair?  Possibly. 

However, I also know that the hubs would have spent the duration of my pregnancy dropping alternating gender hints, you know, just to fuck with me.  He's cool like that.

When I called him out on it, he laughed and agreed that he probably would do that (see, I know him... I know him well!)

Well, our first (and most likely only) ultrasound was yesterday... as soon as I walked in, I told the technician (who has performed the ultrasounds for all my pregnancies) that we did not want to find out gender. 

The hubs was invited in (after what I'm sure was one of the longest 45min periods of his life) and I saw him seriously scrutinizing the screen (lucky for us, babe was head up with crossed legs... no finding out gender  bahahahaa).  The hubs admitted when we got to the car that he came to the appointment to see if he could figure out gender (sucker). 

Anyways, things are well... babe is growing (even gave us a "thumbs up" while being examined) and we're just past the half-way point... where has the time gone?

I cannot wait for my October surprise!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Overload

Tomorrow... I get a baby overload. 

I start my day with a midwives visit.  So I get to hear babe.

I end my day with an ultrasound.  So I get to see babe.

I think tomorrow is going to be a good day.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A {ProChoice} Mama

I would say that I'm a fairly open book.

I tend to not hide my opinions or feelings (actually, with regards to feelings, I don't think I could hide them if I tried... it's just not in my nature).

Recently, I was involved in a discussion that evolved into me sharing my ProChoice stance.

Given that I am the mother of two boys (with a child on the way), I think I may have surprised some.

Allow me a moment to share what being ProChoice means to me (and contrary to a common misconception, ProChoice does not equal ProAbortion... )

ProChoice, means my belief in the right to choose for the individual.

I can 1,000,000% tell you that the thought never flitted across my mind that I should not continue on with any of my pregnancies.  It never occurred to me.  Not once,  I cannot even fathom a life without my wild, beautiful, fabulously spirited boy's (and a mystery babe on the way).

However, I firmly believe that I do not have the right to force another woman to carry an unborn child in her womb (for approximately 40 weeks).

In an ideal world, unwanted pregnancies would never occur.  The world that we live in is not ideal and they do occur.

In an ideal world, proper protection would be used all.the.time and it would be 100%.   With the world that we live in, this is simply not the case. 

And honestly, like honestly truly, I would much rather time and money being spent on raising breastfeeding rates than funneling more money into abstinence programs.

I, honestly wish, there was more focus on what to do with the babe's once they are here than on forcing a woman to have a child that she does not wish to have (and shaming her in the process, because obviously she impregnated herself).

Letter Against Woodworths Anti-Choice <<<  This post was initially prompted by being asked to sign a petition to change the definition of personhood (actually I believe their words were "being human").  I asked if this would then in turn be used to make abortion illegal, because I cannot support something that takes away a woman's right to choose.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Getting Excited

My first ultrasound of this pregnancy is coming up... I'm getting anxious to have a peek at our newest addition (I also loath the ridiculous quantities of water that one must consume for early stage ultrasounds... at 20 weeks, I don't have to deal with unbearable must.not.pee.on.the.table bladder syndrome)

Your baby measures about 6.5 inches/ 16.5 centimetres from crown to rump and is steadily gaining weight. A whitish coat of a slick, fatty substance called vernix caseosa begins to cover your baby and protects the skin during its long immersion in amniotic fluid. It also eases delivery. The baby's swallowing more this week, good practice for the digestive system. After your baby takes in amniotic fluid, his body absorbs the water in the liquid and moves the rest into the large bowel. From

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Paint Colours {new post KICK}

A mommy friend of mine may (or may not) have complained of my lack of posting (even though, my latest post is not even a week old)... and they may have sent me a wicked cyber kick... so I decided that I needed to muster something up.  But what do I follow that superbly awesome post with?

So, I will share what is going through my mind today.  I am letting my boys pick their new paint colours.  Am I crazy?  Brave or a combination of both?

I'm hoping that they will choose something that I can actually create a room out of (and stay away from things like puke green).

How do you design your little one's room?  Do you pick all the colours?  Do you allow them to fully personalize their space (or do you do a supervised personalization?)

I grabbed a couple handful of paint chips before I left work, heavy on the teal & turquoise (possibly because I happen to luuuuuurve those colours) and wouldn't you know it, neither of my boys picked teal or turquoise.  TT picked Beach Tote (P5053-52 by Para) and C-McC picked Fresh Lime (90YY 55/560*A by CIL), since I'm not quite daring enough to have neon rooms they are going to have an accent wall paired with Fog (SR27 by Sarah Richardson).

Now to convince the hubs that we need a tealy-turquoise room... wish me luck!