Thursday, June 21, 2012

22 - 23 weeks-ish

It's weird being pregnant with two little guys... TT has been there and done that (gone through one of mama's pregnancies) but this is a whole new ball-O-wax for C-McC. 

I'm definitely noticing the aches and pains a lot sooner this time around... and holy-schmoly does running around after two active boys ever  Fo realz!

I've also noticed that TT "get's it" this time... he knows there is a baby in mom's belly and he knows that baby is going to be a part of the family (now whether or not C-McC truly get's it or not, he does seem to have some grasp on it... he'll lift my shirt up, kiss my belly and say baby).

It's shocking how quickly this pregnancy has flown by... I'm past the half-way mark!  I've had one ultrasound (and babe did their part to help mama keep the gender a secret) and miscellaneous other tests (you know, pee tests, blood... all that fun stuff). 

Before I know it, we'll be having our at-home midwife visit and then babe will be in our arms. 

It's crazy to think that October seems to far away, but it's not far.  Not far at all!  We have a busy summer ahead of us and I know in a blink of an eye it'll be September and TT will be starting elementary school, eeeep! 

One baby goes off to school and another will join our family   awwwwwwwwww

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