Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Heat Wave}

I'm totally one of those people who will bitch and moan about the heat (especially considering that I get to enjoy it whilst pregnant, this year... I figure that gives me at least 2*n extra bitching points). 

I'm the kinda gal that prefers 18-22*C with a light wind (not particular at all, am I?)

So, you can imagine my horror when the media started predicting "record highs" and that we were in for some hot and muggy weather.  I swear, my feet puffed up just thinking about the humidity that was coming our way.

The hubs & I were talking about the weather last night (yep, we're the couple that discusses the weather) and it's no wonder that the heat kicks my ass... our small area of the world has (historically speaking) seen temperature swings from over 38*C (plus humidity... trust me, you can't forget that) to -32*C (plus windchill, ditto on can't forget)... makes my whining a little more justified (in my, oh-so-humble, opinion).

My boys have been enjoying the pool at their childcare providers... (lucky ducks) and I've been blessedly holed up in A/C for most of the week - how have you been beating the heat??

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