Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Muddled Baby {Boy OR Girl?}

So the hubs and I are in agreement that we will wait until babe is born to find out gender (agreement might be a bit of a stretch, the hubs definitely agreed under duress)

I am 99% certain that our family is complete and I wanted this last pregnancy to draw the surprise out.  I have a moment that I keep picturing in my head (and I truly hope it comes to fruition), anywho, I knew that since I didn't want to know that the hubs couldn't know. 

Not fair?  Possibly. 

However, I also know that the hubs would have spent the duration of my pregnancy dropping alternating gender hints, you know, just to fuck with me.  He's cool like that.

When I called him out on it, he laughed and agreed that he probably would do that (see, I know him... I know him well!)

Well, our first (and most likely only) ultrasound was yesterday... as soon as I walked in, I told the technician (who has performed the ultrasounds for all my pregnancies) that we did not want to find out gender. 

The hubs was invited in (after what I'm sure was one of the longest 45min periods of his life) and I saw him seriously scrutinizing the screen (lucky for us, babe was head up with crossed legs... no finding out gender  bahahahaa).  The hubs admitted when we got to the car that he came to the appointment to see if he could figure out gender (sucker). 

Anyways, things are well... babe is growing (even gave us a "thumbs up" while being examined) and we're just past the half-way point... where has the time gone?

I cannot wait for my October surprise!

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