Saturday, June 2, 2012

Paint Colours {new post KICK}

A mommy friend of mine may (or may not) have complained of my lack of posting (even though, my latest post is not even a week old)... and they may have sent me a wicked cyber kick... so I decided that I needed to muster something up.  But what do I follow that superbly awesome post with?

So, I will share what is going through my mind today.  I am letting my boys pick their new paint colours.  Am I crazy?  Brave or a combination of both?

I'm hoping that they will choose something that I can actually create a room out of (and stay away from things like puke green).

How do you design your little one's room?  Do you pick all the colours?  Do you allow them to fully personalize their space (or do you do a supervised personalization?)

I grabbed a couple handful of paint chips before I left work, heavy on the teal & turquoise (possibly because I happen to luuuuuurve those colours) and wouldn't you know it, neither of my boys picked teal or turquoise.  TT picked Beach Tote (P5053-52 by Para) and C-McC picked Fresh Lime (90YY 55/560*A by CIL), since I'm not quite daring enough to have neon rooms they are going to have an accent wall paired with Fog (SR27 by Sarah Richardson).

Now to convince the hubs that we need a tealy-turquoise room... wish me luck!


  1. So brave letting them pick! I can remember when my mom let me pick paint colours and I ended up with a turquoise/purple sponge painted room... with a "beautiful" border.

    Happy painting!

  2. Ewwww Becky!! Your mom shouldn't have let you pick ;)

    My thoughtful mommy role goes out the window when it comes to decorating. I hog it all and only let them choose between stuff I already know I will like. Terrible of me I know.

  3. Oooh I love that fog colour!
    We might redecorate the spare room for Sloan soon...but she has been sleeping in there so well I don't want to disrupt anything! I'll probably let her choose some things...but from a selection I have pre-approved! :)

  4. Honestly, I think I pulled thirty chips... most of them pretty wild and funky (the greens, turquoise, teal, blue, yellow, etc) but I did grab a selection of neutrals (more because I *knew* that I was only going to use their colour choice as an accent).
    I'm actually surprised at their choices... I totally saw TT as the "lime green" guy (although, he so nicely said that C-McC could have it) and I didn't see yellow at all... I thought they'd skip right over it.
    I figure it's only paint and they're only little once, it's one room and if it truly turns out hideous, I'll just keep the door close ;) (Keep in mind their room is currently a bright turquoisey blue... orange shag carpet and black with lime accents)
    Plus... as I mature *snort snort* I realize that I'm so NOT a neutral colour palette kind of girl...