Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Recipe For A Messy, Mini-Disaster

Two ~4 year olds + two ~2 year olds + 15 minutes of interrupted quiet = A Messy, Mini-Disaster

This morning (and into the afternoon because we Muddled's like to overstay our welcome) TT, C-McC and I went for a wee visit. 

The Muddled's had a lovely lunch with friends and the mama's enjoyed that the kiddies were playing so.darn.well.together.  They enjoyed it so much that they decided to throw caution (and possibly sanity) to the wind and allowed their darlings to cavort unsupervised in the play room for 15 (interrupted, because C-McC could not leave his mama for that long) blissful minutes. 

The non-Muddled Mama decided 15 minutes (interrupted or not) of silence warranted an inspection... good thing too because the darling angels decided that the play room needed a bit of redecorating. 

There was paint.  Everywhere.  On the wall.  On the floor.  On the children (and by on, I mean in their hair, on their clothes, their feet, well... basically everywhere).  Thank goodness for washable paint!

So much for enjoying a wee chat while our delightful children were quietly playing - silly mama's!

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